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I'm after some simple coloured jersey style tops to go with jeans, what do you make of this top?

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CarbonEmittingPenguin Sun 08-May-16 18:26:19

I don't do dresses so this summer I'm going to be in my usual attire which is skinny jeans with a top. In winter it's skinny jeans with a jumper and jacket - my look is very simple you see grin. I don't know what became of all my tops so need to go shopping for a round of new ones. H&M do some lovely coloured tops but I'm wondering about longevity and quality - in one of the online reviews someone said that the top didn't last past two machine washes so I don't mind spending a bit more if it'll last. I like these sort of tops, both from H&M.

Paulat2112 Sun 08-May-16 18:28:14

I like them. You can always jazz them up a little with some accessories if needed smile

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