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Please review my skincare routine

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decaman Sun 08-May-16 14:30:55

Does anyone have a few minutes to comment on my skincare routine? I'm 43, fair, burn easily, have the beginnings of a few fine lines around my eyes and I'm probably starting early menopause. Not sensitive to products but my skin goes red if: it's cold, it's hot, I run, I drink alcohol, etc etc. Make-up tends to slide off me by midday.
I'm trying to move away from Clarins/Lancome products in a bid to save money, but the money is there to spend for products which are worthwhile.
Morning: simple face wash in the shower, or an exfoliating scrub a couple of times a week, then vichy normaderm toner, Clarins aquaquench serum, hado labo, la roche posay rosaliac moisturiser, then I probably need a sunblock before makeup.
Evening: micellar water, clarins cleansing milk, vichy normaderm toner, rosaliac moisturiser.
I'm a bit confused by the hado labo - do I use it as well as everything else?
Anyone got any suggestions? I've just added the hado labo this weekend and I feel a bit greasy...

Floisme Sun 08-May-16 14:40:30

Your skin sounds very similar to mine pre menopause: fair, burnt easily, not exactly sensitive but had a tendency to go red. I decided it was time to up my game so started using more products and very nearly ruined my skin which is now hyper sensitive.

So my advice is to go very carefully, in fact to cut down, rather than add more. Except for the sunscreen.

phoolani Sun 08-May-16 15:44:12

I've started to experience redness as well and I'm concentrating on correcting that - if yours is only temporary due to circumstances, it might not help but I read that acids help, so the acid toners that are becoming more popular. I got the pixi glow tonic and it does seem to be helping, so maybe consider adding that? And you can get it at m&s.

decaman Sun 08-May-16 20:30:03

Thanks Flo - something to bear in mind.
Phoolani, the normaderm toner has salicylic acid - not sure if it's too astringent for me - my skin has felt tingly since using it.
According to the CH cheat sheet, I have dehydrated skin.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 08-May-16 21:13:13

I use very few products day-to-day ( bit of a lazy bod TBH)

In the shower, a wash off cleanser then a moisturiser like Superdrug Radience (though sadly, the jar creams sting my eyes, so I use those on my jaw -neck and the serum upwards)

At night, if I wear make-up , Bodyshop Camomile and a muslin cloth. Otherwise a lotion like Philosophy and a muslin.

I bought some Indeed Labs Powder Exfolliant ( reduced in Boots ) and it's lovely. It foams like bicarbonate of soda but has ricebran to buff. I used 2 shakes the first time, but really only need one shake.

I have the Bodyshop Bouncy Sleeping Mask , it's a weird texture but works well
Superdrug Radience Glycolic Overnight Peel is good but smells of lavender which I don't like.

My eyes are just starting to crepe, so I use eyecream (I have a Superdrug and a couple of Boots ones)

I tried Aldi but they sting . I tried the Waitrose Pure oil but it did nothing.

I might try the new No7, but I don't want to jump from brand to brand in search of the Holy Grail.

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