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When do you stop wearing boots?

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blusty Sat 07-May-16 21:33:17

I love my various boots - both work and casual and I always find it hard to stop wearing them in the spring. I know they are definitely out of style for summer - but when is the deadline?

I'm happy wearing them without tights - but at the moment I'm still wearing opaques with my faithful mid calf flatie black boots. Will I look like a style dork if I keep with them until end of May?


MrsLettuce Sat 07-May-16 21:56:02

When it gets too warm, regardless of the date. Is just a case of paying attention the the weather forecast for the day and playing it by ear, ATM. This is a messy time of year, was 26 degrees here today, no boots obviously. Had them on yesterday morning and may well need them again.

HixieRice Sat 07-May-16 21:59:06

I'm wearing ankle boots when chilly, but it's too late for high boots IMO although I'm still seeing them around! Not sure about opaque tights, somehow leggings look more summery if needed.

MrsLettuce Sat 07-May-16 22:00:55

Oh yes, I forget about high boots. Am to short to wear them. Haven't seen them about for a bit. Indeed.

MrsLettuce Sat 07-May-16 22:01:22


KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 07-May-16 22:01:50

I wear calf length boots all through summer. Especially if I go out a school run time and have to face a scooter mob.

mouldycheesefan Sat 07-May-16 22:04:25

I stopped this week. Got all my boots resoled and reheeled for later in the year and put them away.

dudsville Sat 07-May-16 22:22:10

If you're happiest wearing them keep on doing it! As for me I switch to sandals and all other shoes are in storage now until autumn. For you, could you switch to lift coloured suede boots if you wanted to look more summery?

LBOCS2 Sat 07-May-16 23:29:15

When it's warm enough for flip flops grin

That's my entire footwear selection. Knee high boots, or flip flops. DH despairs.

phoolani Sat 07-May-16 23:39:12

You can still wear ankle boots. But opaque tights are an abomination once the sun is shining. 😬

HelenF35 Sat 07-May-16 23:40:43

I don't care who thinks it too late or early for certain items. If you like it and are comfortable in it then wear it! I have been known to wear sandals in Winter and knee high boots in summer. Although I live in Scotland and we don't seem to get proper seasons anymore!

TSSDNCOP Sun 08-May-16 11:18:31

oct-apr boots
may - sept havvys

AdoraKiora Sun 08-May-16 17:00:05

I've switched to light beigey coloured suede ankle boots in the last few weeks, with sandals on only since Friday.

Sure the ankle boots will come out again soon! I'd feel a tit in sandals in the cold/rain.

No more black tights and black ankle boots now, though, until October-ish.

mewkins Sun 08-May-16 18:28:16

This week. It has been 26 degrees here. I seemto go from boots to sandals, nothing in between.

Floralnomad Sun 08-May-16 18:31:35

I also go from boots to Birkenstocks and I've put my boots away this weekend .

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