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Help! Hair, and now clothes style, disaster!

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merlotbythefire Fri 06-May-16 21:02:50

Please help wise ones! I had my hair dramatically cut yesterday and it is MUCH shorter and darker than I asked for or expected. It is about an inch long all over and I've gone from blonde to dark brown - although that bit is fine. It's quite close to my natural colour and I can pull it off. Nothing can be done about the length other than grow it a bit but now I feel that none of my clothes suit me sad

I feel really butch and frumpy. I've tried googling crop hair and short hair style icons but I'm getting nowhere. It is difficult, I feel, because I'm tall 5' 9", norky (32G) which usually puts me in a 16 top and I'm a 14 on the bottom (or 12 in Next jeans, but we all know that's not real!)

I don't need smart work stuff, I wear a uniform there (which involves a black polo shirt and black or grey trousers - you can imagine how glorious that looked this morning...). It is my usual casual stuff. I'm not girly - too tall for that, I live in next relaxed skinnies with a t shirt, vest or loose blouse and a slouchy jumper over the top (v necks only!). I have a couple of Bretons that I can get away with wearing under a blazer but it all just looks wrong!

What do others with cropped hair wear? Please help to inspire me, or just reassure me that I'll wake up on Sunday and be happy with it again.

On the plus side, DH and DS1 both say it is great and really suits me. DS2 is v quiet on the subject 😄

All responses gratefully received, thank you for getting to the end!!

Tanaqui Fri 06-May-16 21:15:38

Well it sounds great! How about changing your make up and accessories rather than clothes? I'm not a big fan of cropped hair and big earrings but some people rock it! Or dramatic eye make up looks great with short hair- especially those cats eye flicky things?

merlotbythefire Fri 06-May-16 21:23:50

Thanks! I'm having a go at beefing up my eye make up, but sadly can't do earrings at all, I'm allergic to everything on my ears. V odd and annoying! I'm trying all sorts of scarves and necklaces too to see what might work smile

doctorboo Sat 07-May-16 06:22:38

I had my hair cropped before Christmas and was well chuffed. I was then practically scalped at my next appointment in feb, (I came home and cried) I don't even think it was an inch in some places confused.

I don't do big earrings with cropped hair, it doesn't suit me at all, a shame as I have some nice bits from my long hair days smile

I've gone with making sure I wear a bit of make up every day, so for me that's been: bb cream, bit of bronzer, eyeshadow and lipstick all in neutralish shades as I don't suit brighter colours.
I've been trying out softer colours for my tops, vests and cardis, which I wear with jeans or jeggings.
I'm 5' 1", size 14 and it's made me happier - before I'd of chucked on a black vest top, jeans and my Converse with a bit of lip gloss and felt I looked fine.

puglife15 Sat 07-May-16 06:38:37

I remember one dramatic hair colour change where I immediately went and bought all new make up as nothing looked right any more. You may need bolder / warmer colours.

As for what to wear, Something feminine and high necked which I think always looks fab w short hair? This may not be your style and I wouldn't usually recommend for big boobs but might be worth a try?

Patterkiller Sat 07-May-16 06:50:33

Can you get to a makeup counter today and ask for them for a makeover. Hopefully they will get your colors right for your new hair.
I also wear a chunky pendant on a slim chain for daily wear and feel quite naked without it. It dresses up even a simple t shirt.

merlotbythefire Sat 07-May-16 11:15:26

Thank you the replies smile You are right, the make up and accessories are the way to go. That and the knowledge that it will grow! I think I just need it to be able to be a bit more ruffled around my head - the quick wash/dry in the morning is a definite bonus!

I found a pic of Jamie Lee Curtis looking chic in a pencil skirt and v necked cardigan which gave me hope. Her hair is longer than mine and she's about 4 sizes smaller, but channeling that sort of look might be the way to ride this out for now.

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