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I just want a good foundation!

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Somedancingtodo Fri 06-May-16 21:01:33

I feel like I've wasted so much money on different foundations and primers for them to all look rubbish. I've got quite dry skin, pale with neutral/yellowish undertones. I like medium/ full coverage but everything I try either wears off by lunch time or goes all cakey.
I've tried various Mac and Estée Lauder ones as well as loads of high street ones and none of them seem right!

Ponymagic Fri 06-May-16 21:40:32

I got a Laura Mercier foundation (Candleglow) last week and am delighted with it. I only ended up with it by going to a Dept store and being colour matched at one counter after another until I found the right one. Before that ... By Terry Vover Expert was a nice finish as was Dior Nude.

andadietcoke Fri 06-May-16 21:49:21

I have Chanel Les Beiges and YSL Teint Éclat on the go at the moment (I have two sets of makeup because I work away from home). Both give decent long lasting coverage without being flat.

Tate15 Sat 07-May-16 08:15:03

Collection lasting finish. I've had foundations that cost ten times the amount or more and they are nothing compared to this stuff!

It doesn't cake, lasts 12 hours on me or until I take it off. The only negative is that there aren't a lot of shades to choose from so you may not find a shade to suit, if you do it's magical stuff.

Somedancingtodo Sat 07-May-16 09:07:59

Thank you Ponymagic and andadietcoke. I'm going to go into town today and have a good look around so they'll definitely be on my list.
Tate15 I've used some of the collection stuff before and really liked it but never tried their foundation. I do tend to find that a lot of the cheaper ones tend to do all there pale shades with a pink undertone to them but I'll definitely have a look, thank you!

Somedancingtodo Sat 07-May-16 09:13:52

I quite like the look of Benefit Hello Flawless foundation, has anyone used that?

Britnyspears Sat 07-May-16 09:45:24

Best i've ever used is Armani Luminous Silk. Its not in every department store- only larger cities but its worth the trip.
More easily available that i liked are- laura Mercier tinted moisteriser, ysl teint eclat and bobbi brown.

Mitfordhons Sat 07-May-16 09:47:42

Put powder on after moisturiser/primer and foundation over the powder, I know it sounds wrong but it stays put all day.

Magtheridon Sat 07-May-16 11:56:43

Are you letting your moisturiser/ primer sink for say 10-15 minutes in before putting foundation on top?

Magtheridon Sat 07-May-16 11:59:34

I hated the hellow flawless foundation on me. I've tried quite a few and that one is the worst / went patchy looked quite yellow. But I have pink undertones

Buy the mini set if you want to try it imo - before you buy a big bottle. Atleast you'll get primer / concealer and powder then to try out or use.

Nanasueathome Sat 07-May-16 12:07:25

Face atelier from Cult Beauty is really nice

Whochangedmyname Sat 07-May-16 17:41:06

Really pleased with Charlotte Tilbury Goes on really easily and lasts well. Possibly love it because, after years after getting the colour nearly right, I think I have got the colour really right! I went one shade darker than the make up woman suggested and feel it has "lifted" me!

expatinscotland Sat 07-May-16 17:44:22

I've given up on foundation.

Cheshireblue Sat 07-May-16 18:46:49

Try Chanel les Beiges. I had got to the point where I was constantly searching for "the one" and putting up with foundations. Been using les beiges and I love it! It's amazing

Buggers Sat 07-May-16 18:49:20

I have benefit and love it. Gives you a nice glow while still looking very natural

sammy891 Sat 07-May-16 20:25:53

I love the Benefit one as well, doesn't feel heavy and looks like skin. Also using the matching powder on my t-zone.

BuntyCollocks Sat 07-May-16 20:31:45

I adore nars luminous foundation. very Matt and amazing coverage.

Pearlmum1 Sat 07-May-16 20:43:31

Go and get loads of samples! I work on a beauty counter and I notice a lot of my colleagues just do a tiny patch test but you need to try it on all over to get an idea. Don't feel pressured into buying it there and then..wear it all day and get a sample.
Foundations I love are..
Dior nude bb, forever and star
Estee Lauder double wear light
Lancome teint miracle 24hr
I work in Devon and I would be happy to help you if you lived near by. All the foundations I've mentioned offer samples. I would also return any foundations you feel aren't matched properly. Estee Lauder have a brilliant return policy. Good luck!

Pearlmum1 Sat 07-May-16 20:45:50

Also get either chanel or dior hydra gel moisturiser, you won't regret it, makes such a difference to your skin and the way your make up sits.

keepmoving Sat 07-May-16 20:51:27

Another vote for Laura Mercier Candleglow. Was given some in a pot to try and loved it. Light but makes me look "done".

AmberNectarine Sun 08-May-16 02:31:55

Ok, so you need Bobbi brown. I am really quite yellow and BB changed my life, no exaggeration. There is no rival for sallow skin, IMO.

AmberNectarine Sun 08-May-16 02:33:15

I should clarify I have tried Chanel, Mac, benefit etc. BB in warm sand is spot on for me.

rainbowinfusedspaceunicorn Sun 08-May-16 12:11:57

Another for Armani luminous silk here. Lasts pretty well even without primer or powder, and doesn't cling to dry patches. Good coverage but still looks natural, it is fragranced though which is obviously an issue for some people (including me tbh but I'm willing to overlook it because it's so good at everything else!).
The only one I've found that lasts better is Estée Lauder but it's heavy and drying on me.
I've heard the benefit one has very light coverage and is similar to that Rimmel wake me up foundation which I personally hated but I haven't tried it.

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