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Acne rosacea skincare regime? where to start?

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5minutestobed Fri 06-May-16 20:10:03

I currently have really horrendous acne rosacea, I'm going to go back to the gp and ask to see a dermatologist but in the meantime what should I be doing with my skin?!
I currently use cetaphil cleanser and Vaseline moisturiser although tbh I don't moisturise that much as I think it makes my skin greasy.
My skin just seems so congested and irritated its horrible.
I have tried oil cleansing in the past and Roche posay stuff but it didn't make much difference.
Anything else anyone can recommend please? I might just start wearing a paper bag on my head otherwise!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 07-May-16 08:34:58

Cetaphil really irritated me so go easy on that.

Have you tried something like E45 wash, it's a cream cleanser? Then moisturise with a small amount of Epaderm cream. That's what I do when my skin is bad.

MojoMoon Sat 07-May-16 09:37:31

I really dragged my feet about going to the GP and regret it as the longer you leave it, the more potential for scarring. They referred me to a dermatologist, I saw them six weeks later and was given a short course of steroids to bring down the initial inflammation. It's a controversial choice of treatment (can have serious side effects) but really helped. I was also given erithromycin (antibiotic) for six weeks and then switched to azithromycin which I am taking at the moment for three months and then review. The inflamed cysts, spots and lumps have all gone. My skin is still a bit red but is smooth so make up can deal with that now. I am using cetaphil cleanser and eurecin anti redness moisturiser. Dermatologist said with severe problem, no topical treatment will make a difference but what you can do is avoid making things worse by using harsh products while the drugs take effect. And always always use high factor sun cream. I use la Roche posay anthelios 50 which the doctor also recommended.
I would like a bit of the residual redness on my nose to fade further but it is a million times better than it was at Christmas. I wish I'd got myself to the GP earlier!

5minutestobed Sat 07-May-16 14:30:20

I have been on various antibiotics over the years and they work while I'm on then and it comes back as soon as I stop. Have had acne since I was 13 and I'm 30 soon! I'm going to ask about Roaccutane I think.

5minutestobed Sat 07-May-16 21:57:48


lovetomatoes Mon 09-May-16 18:10:02

I have found the best thing is Alflorex. It's probiotic with 10billion Bifidobacterium infantis. You take one a day on an empty stomach and it starts working within a few days.
Skincare wise I agree that nothing topical makes much of a difference. I have found the Avene cleanance range good, but honestly when my skin is good it'll tolerate most things and when it's acting up the slightest thing'll make it act up. One thing I've learned to check the labels on products marketed for sensitive skin as they often contain lavender. I think the idea is that if it soothes the mind it'll soothe the skin but this is totally false; it's a potent essential oil & v irritating. HTH

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