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do you look at your wedding photos and wish you'd worn something else..

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southeastastra Thu 05-May-16 20:07:23

or done your hair differently? I was just looking at mine (sedate registry office) but wish i'd worn shoes that were a bit higher and lost a bit of face fat grin

Strokethefurrywall Thu 05-May-16 20:08:47

Yes absolutely - I loved my dress but I would chose a totally different one now. And I would have had my hair down and probably wouldn't have chosen a cathedral veil for a Caribbean beach wedding.

I'd quite happily do it all over again and change nothing but my outfit. And then do it again another 5 years later and have another dress, and so on and so forth.

DerelictMyBalls Thu 05-May-16 20:09:36

No, I looked like an old-fashioned Hollywood movie star! grin

Muskateersmummy Thu 05-May-16 20:13:56

No, but I wish I was the weight I am now instead of what I was then!

overitalready Thu 05-May-16 20:16:46

I get married in 4 weeks - i have had 3 different hair trials with 3 different hairdressers and hated them all.

I just know i will be looking back at the pictures and hating my hair

piddleypower Thu 05-May-16 20:18:03

I loved my hair but wish I had spent longer choosing my dress.

WingMirrorSpider Thu 05-May-16 20:20:15

Love my dress but wish I'd had my hair and makeup done professionally. I did it myself and looked like me. I wish I'd looked like me but spectacular.

Hassled Thu 05-May-16 20:20:23

Definitely - and for both weddings.
Wedding 1 - I was young and clueless and hired a shit dress. I looked like a fat child bride.
Wedding 2 - much older, little red cocktail dress, but no support knickers. You look at a wedding photo, all you can see is the bulge of my belly peering out through the shiny material.

bluespiral Thu 05-May-16 20:21:49

I still love the dress I wore but do wish I'd had my make up done professionally.

crazycakelady Thu 05-May-16 20:26:43

Yes! What was I thinking hmm Would choose something totally different now.

crazycakelady Thu 05-May-16 20:29:21

Also would choose different engagement and wedding rings. But probably keep the same husband wink

DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel Thu 05-May-16 20:30:53

I dont need to look at my photos to wish I wore a dress. Its my biggest life regret. I wore a trouser suit instead. Feel so stupid now when I think about it.

I also wish I wasn't pregnant so I could have had a few drinks too.

Then again I suppose that's what happens when you book it 3 weeks prior to gettig married.

Strokethefurrywall Thu 05-May-16 20:34:09

I had to choose mine in one weekend in the US because we had a short engagement and I really didn't have all that much time. Plus I had to buy off the rack as I'd not have had any time for alterations. I can only be grateful I'm a regular size 6 (US) and am tall so don't need anything taken up.

I'd go for this now. Simple, elegant and would work with loose hair.

Honestly, I'd be quite happy to make another appointment at David's Bridal and just spend a day trying dresses on for shits and giggles....

Chasingsquirrels Thu 05-May-16 20:35:16

First wedding - no, I loved my dress and was looking at it the other day and still love it, tbh I'd wear it again but it wouldn't be appropriate, and it's too big now!
I didn't really do anything special with my hair, and I had make up done when I never usually wear any. It did look good but I felt caked in it - even though it was very light.

Meant to be getting married to DP in 4 weeks, had found a shift dress and jacket which I love. We only set the date about 6 weeks ago and other than the registry office and a hotel for a meal afterwards nothing else is arranged. Unfortunately the shit has hit the fan health wise and everything is in limbo now, I don't know whether it's happening and if it is I haven't even thought about shoes, hair, flowers or anything.

Strokethefurrywall Thu 05-May-16 20:36:14

Mine was lovely but was halter neck and too hot for Caribbean wedding.

I got married just before the Vera Wang collection was released through David's Bridal. I like most of her styles, they suit me. I went with Oleg Cassini in the end, and the dress was very Grace Kelly. It was gorgeous but I don't look at it now and sigh longingly...

BackforGood Thu 05-May-16 20:38:20

No. Mine was lovely, and I had a fantastic day.
I mean, if I were getting married tomorrow, then obviously the fashions have changed and I'd choose something completely different, but what I had suited me and was right for the era I got married in.

LumelaMme Thu 05-May-16 20:40:48

No - the dress suited me and looked great (she says modestly, but I had a nice waist then --before the DC did for it--).

I did my own hair and minimal make-up and looked like myself, only scrubbed up.

DH was better looking at the time than I realised, too.

I still look at the photo and go all squishy. I also think, Good God! We were so YOUNG!

midnightmoomoo Thu 05-May-16 20:40:52

No, I loved my dress and would happily wear it again if only I could get into it
Not overly happy with my hair but it looks ok still in the photos. I came home to get married so had to go with a hairdresser I hadn't been to before so my fringe looks a bit ropey. That could have been due to the hot August sun though, weather was glorious much to MIL's disgust as she had spent months telling me I couldn't control the weather and it would probably not be nice

mupperoon Thu 05-May-16 20:42:50

My dress was awesome. My figure was probably the best it ever got. My hair, utterly tedious. Gah.

Nettletheelf Thu 05-May-16 20:49:37

No. Loved my frock. I wish I could wear it again!

RaeSkywalker Thu 05-May-16 20:51:18

I wouldn't change a thing.

DH said he had no idea of what my dress would be like, but when he saw me walking down the aisle he though "ah yes, that's who you are", which is one of the loveliest things he has ever said to me. I felt really special but also completely 'myself' that day.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 05-May-16 20:51:36

Yes. I was 7 months pregnant and too sick with hg to go to more than one maternity shop and buy the best thing I could find there.

LuciaInFurs Thu 05-May-16 20:57:46

Absolutely. My hair was so shockingly bad my friends dragged me into the wedding car and tried to fix it by ripping out hair pins. The "hairdresser" then leant through the other side of the car to unfix it.

I wish I had been brave enough to tell her that it looked awful instead of ruining my wedding pictures and memories with a Princess Leia style hair do because I didn't want to offend her.

CharleyDavidson Thu 05-May-16 20:58:44

My Mum made my dress. It was in the early 90's so all the dresses in the shops were like this.

My Mum made my dress. Far more simple. Beautiful chantung silk. A criss cross lattice of white satin ribbon on the bodice to have a much simpler effect than the lace/cutouts/ruffles that were all the go then.

My hair was just brushed and put up in pretty combs, with a pearl headdress and half veil.

I do with I'd had my makeup done properly, but we'd had a makeover trial thing in a shop and it looked a fright so that put me off.

DeathByMascara Thu 05-May-16 21:05:33

I wish I'd let me hair grow just an inch or two longer, I had these annoying strands that are falling out in all the photos.

Also wish I'd known I was 6 weeks pregnant, for reasons beyond what I looked like.

My dress was perfect, I absolutely adored it. But i would pick something slightly different if we were doing it today - mine was lace-covered and strapless, I would choose something with covered shoulders if doing it now. Funny how styles change in only 5 years!

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