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any good old fashioned or modern remedies for the following please?

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BeckerLleytonNever Wed 04-May-16 17:04:05

Hair- think Kate Bush in the 70's and Jon Bonjovi in the 80's.

my hair. its long- needs to be as short hair is worse to manage plus makes me look 20 years older (ive had short hair before and it was anightmare).
so really dont want to cut it.

no shampoo or conditioner/leave in conditioner/hair
wax/gel/mousse/polish/hairspray etc (not all at the same time!) makes a difference.

no leaving it naturally to dry- then it looks like a cross between James May and Bill bailey!

or blowdrying or straightening helps.

end up having to scrape it back and i dont like that look for my age (50), it looks cheap tacky and not neat. i prefer it loose or clipped at sides.

cant afford hairdressers.

Any good home made remedies?

Also- pocky skin. at 50 i have wrinkles, thats natural, but think Morgan freeman/Seal and my skin is like theirs and aslo looks like someones taken a needle and pricked holes all over my face (like those stipple drawings).all open pores.

tried face masks/peels/different creams and cleansers face washes etc, (i could do with a skin peel proffessionally but I cant afford it).

I wear very little make up, and the days I don't go out I don't wear anything on my face, I let my skin breathe.
and I drink plenty of water too.

its really getting me down, these 2 things.

good home made remedies there?

BeckerLleytonNever Thu 05-May-16 16:58:26

I had this in Chat, more traffic and was advised to put questions on this site. anyone there?

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 05-May-16 18:51:40

I'm struggling here, oil cleansing method might help your skin but if you have naturally large pores then primers plus foundations better.

You could try oil on the hair as an overnight conditioner but cheaper hair products tend to be harsh. Even baby shampoo leaves my hair like straw.

specialsubject Thu 05-May-16 19:42:29

nothing to be done about skin, add a smile and no-one notices. Even if they notice now.

save up like mad for wellastrate or xtenso. Done properly they last a year and will transform frizzy curls into swishy waves (if left) or straight (five mins with cheap straighteners). Takes 10 years off. Believe me, I know!

BeckerLleytonNever Fri 06-May-16 17:03:08


sad about skin. doesn't help that im really ugly. seriously ugly.

what about things like egg shampoo/beer shampoo? Im sure ive heard that before?

oatmeal masks for face? im scared to try anything in case anything falls out/drops off! grin.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 06-May-16 18:17:35


Local college hairdressers, see if they do any relaxing treatments. Once hairs relaxed its much easier to style.

Google the old threads on here about cheap beauty finds. Personally I find super drugs Mua range excellent. I think not putting anything on skin is worse than using make up, make up acts as an environmental barrier.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Fri 06-May-16 19:27:47

I've had great results with Elvive Extraordinary oil for hair. Put all over damp hair, comb through and put a shower cap and towel on top and leave for a couple of hours. Wash out with a clarifying shampoo then use a rich conditioner.
You can also put a small amount in damp hair before blow drying.
Regular trims help too.

For face, have you tried mineral foundation or powder? Doesn't clog pores and good coverage. The trick is to dust on the powder really lightly and build it up. Takes practice and a really big brush.
Have a look at Sheer Cover. It blends away scars or imperfections like magic.

I have heard about rinsing your hair in beer for extra shine, but you risk smelling like a brewery wink

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 07-May-16 08:40:20

I second Extraordinary Oil and coconut oil is good too.

Lily Lolo foundation is fantastic and a huge range of colours , you can buy tester pots first before committing. ( cheaper than Sheer Cover I think)

BeckerLleytonNever Mon 09-May-16 17:14:14

nineties OMG that Mineral Magic thing is the biggest load of crap and a con ever.

doesn't doa thing. glad it works for you though.

Ill try some other remedies though seggested thanks.

I KNOW I need a trim but I cant affored hairdresser, even the cheapest, supercuts is beyond my means.


ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 09-May-16 17:45:45

Stick your hair up in a high pony and holding the end of it up vertically, cut a couple of inches off with your sharpest scissors. Gives a layered look. Works for me when funds are tight. smile

RaisinGirls Mon 09-May-16 17:47:06

Try frizeaze (sp?) for the hair. Works wonders on my Barnet

RaisinGirls Mon 09-May-16 17:48:41

Or try the curly hair method. Search curly hair method on mumsnet and there are loads of threads on how to do it. Worth s try if not done it before as it works with rather than against your hair's natural inclination

Kelandry Mon 09-May-16 17:52:33

Henna relaxes curls naturally, and you can use indigo to make it black if you like.

Majorlyscared1993 Mon 09-May-16 17:52:57

I have majorly frizzy hair , used to be long now it is short. You may find gross... But I haven't found it works wonders with mine as its so dry. DONT WASH YOUR HAIR. stay with me.. I know it sounds dreadful. But you know when your hair actually starts playing ball and looks how you want it? Well mine looks like that all the time because yes, I've stopped washing it. Every day I spray some leave in conditioner in it and let it dry, I brush it before hand. Stops it smelling 😝 As for skin, salicylic acid is supposed to be good for acne and scarring, you can get up to 2% over the counter but if you go to the likes of eBay or a prescription you can get it higher

Majorlyscared1993 Mon 09-May-16 17:53:39

That was supposed to be HAVE not haven't... Sorry trying to feed baby while typing shame!!

ledgeoffseason Mon 09-May-16 21:03:38

Aspirin face mask, look it up on makeup alley.

Conditioner only washing, use ONLY silicone free conditioner, tresemme naturals or undone (they say 'silicone free' on them) are great and often are on offer in super drug and tesco.

ledgeoffseason Mon 09-May-16 21:04:55

Also if your skin's really bad, go to your gp and TELL them how down it's making you! They have many, many powerful things to help you! Good luck

CakeForBreakfast Tue 10-May-16 10:26:03

Becker how often are you washing your hair? Because Majorlyscared is on the money. I had a gross section of hair that was so frizzy and no amount of bloody expensive John Frieda was helping. Once I started to only wash my hair twice a week, it's 90% better.

The cost saving is wonderful too!

Ive just started experimenting with silicone free. It's only week 1 so too soon to talk results yet.

Skin wise gp could prescribe retinol based product.if you are eligible for free prescriptions it simply doesn't hurt to ask... I started using one since Jan and by God that stuff actually works.

Majorlyscared1993 Tue 10-May-16 11:22:02

cake glad I don't sound like an unhygienic mad woman! As a major frizz head I am well versed in the perils of over brushing and over washing. I find the more my hair is subjected to the elements, the better!!

BeckerLleytonNever Wed 11-May-16 17:08:33

I wash my hair every 8 days or so- hate hair feeling mucky, but I do use a dry shampoo between washes to stop it minging.

I use a decent shampoo (keep trying different ones every few weeks to see if they make a diff) and plenty of conditioner which I leave on for a couple of mins before rinsing. nothing makes a difference though.

ill have to see if GP can recommend something, thanks for all the posts.

ill try the ponytail trim thing! Hope it works or ill have no choice to go emabarrisingly to a hairdresser!

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