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Please find me a wedding outfit.

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5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 18:11:28

My brother is getting married at the end of this month and I would love a nice outfit. I tend to buy things that are a bit old for me. I am 5' 4'' and a size 14 depending on fit.

I suit shift dresses. Budget £250 including shoes and jacket / bolero.

Many thanks.

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 18:12:01

Sorry should have said I am 40

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 19:39:09

What colours do you like Carrie? Would you be happy with somthing with decent sleeves and no jacket?

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 20:11:36

Oh yes sleeves would be fine. I like blues and green. I'm blonde and pale but will do false tan.

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 20:42:43

Oh.This navy set has to be worth trying for the price reduction, it could be amazing on. Would need bright shoes and bag, green would be great. It does need to the length it is on the model or a drop shorter though so it'd need taking up (cheap and easy job in this case). What sort of length were you actually after?

Will have a rummage about for some dresses.

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 20:59:49

This is beautiful but not really a shift
does this count as blue?

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 23:13:32

I really quite like this although its neither blue or green but I am not sure what to wear with it. A black jacket would make it very sombre. this

MiddleClassProblem Tue 03-May-16 23:17:38

Not sure if you like this?,mon_20/9501327914

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 23:34:42

Sorry couldn't get that link to work but I like this

However I do worry that if you buy from monsoon their is a high chance someone else could have the same thing.

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 23:39:07

That's quite a dress. Not my style but I love a bit of individuality.

A cropped black jacket could work well with it, a longer one would be too somber though. This one is nice

corally pink heels and a dark silver bag would be just in budget with the mango jacket.

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 23:42:31

Can't see the second monsoon dress. Clicky inks to there never work (same with accessorize) need the long link to cut and paste.

Like the colour of the dress middleClass

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 23:44:48

Oops looks like monsoon have Mumsnet proofed links to their website. They obviously don't want their stuff ending up in the Daily Fail. grin

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 23:46:04

NotOnTheHighstreet is the same. Very annoying. Asos had it for a bit too, that was pants.

Is just bad coding I think.

MiddleClassProblem Tue 03-May-16 23:47:25

This is the dress

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 23:49:42

Here is the Monsoon one this

I know what you mean Mrs Lettuce its much nicer in the picture on the model. It could be ghastly I would need to see it in real life. I am not sure about it.

5608Carrie Tue 03-May-16 23:51:19

Love that one Middleclass but its the same colour as Dd's.

MrsLettuce Tue 03-May-16 23:52:22

this pink striped dress is much less old fashioned than the last one

this one too (C&P):,mon_1.2/9520161010?ranMID=36168&ranEAID=0RpXOIXA500&ranSiteID=0RpXOIXA500-hTOKPw2FwzEhgEHFacl7Ow&_$ja=tsid:68258|kw:10|cgn:0RpXOIXA500&skipRedirection=true&utm_campaign=0RpXOIXA500&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=uk-affiliates&utm_content=linkshare&siteID=0RpXOIXA500-hTOKPw2FwzEhgEHFacl7Ow&cm_mmc=linkshare-_-linkbuilder-_-linkbuilder-_-linkbuilder

MiddleClassProblem Tue 03-May-16 23:57:13

Boo! Phase eight have a lot of shift dresses but a lot have floral patterns on them

MiddleClassProblem Tue 03-May-16 23:58:26

Lol, Carrie just posted that same dress. In sync?

MrsLettuce Wed 04-May-16 00:01:09

grin totally missed that

5608Carrie Wed 04-May-16 20:55:15

I went to Debenhams today and tried on lots of dresses. I have learnt bodycon dresses are out. So are pale colours like beige and baby blue.

I bought ......... a pair of sunglasses.

Maybe I should just wear trousers?

MrsLettuce Wed 04-May-16 21:08:57

There's no reason why you shouldn't wear trousers. A jumpsuit is another good option.

MiddleClassProblem Wed 04-May-16 23:04:08

The only trouble with a jumpsuit is going to the loo

MiddleClassProblem Wed 04-May-16 23:07:26

This dress is lovely but it might wash you out depending on colouring

MiddleClassProblem Wed 04-May-16 23:08:51

This is the opposite but not sure how you feel about print

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