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Furla bag

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Threesocks Tue 03-May-16 13:53:32

I have fallen in love with the Furla Luna Lapis Hobo bag, but unfortunately it is out of stock ... Has anyone seen anything similar on their travels??

Threesocks Tue 03-May-16 18:20:09


botemp Tue 03-May-16 22:30:56

I was coming on here to warn you that Furla bags aren't worth their asking price (I used to buy them years ago whenever on holiday in Italy when the range was 100-200 euros, they've since increased the prices in recent years but the quality is the same. It was great at the low end but not worth the prices they're asking for it now imo) but I actually was looking at these Paul Smith bags in black and burgundy that are a very similar model though more squarish, they're already marked down 60% but they're currently on offer with an extra 10% off with the code EXTRA10.

IWILLgiveupsugar Tue 03-May-16 23:12:32

This looks like a coach bag to me. Hang on, I'll try to find a link

IWILLgiveupsugar Tue 03-May-16 23:14:35


IWILLgiveupsugar Tue 03-May-16 23:15:12

Link fail.
It was coach nomad hobo

KanyesVest Tue 03-May-16 23:24:07

I have the Furla Liz, which I love. Strap arrangement is different though, one long cross body, or two shorter hand/crook of elbow length strap but they don't go over your shoulder. I got mine on brand alley, very pleased.

Threesocks Wed 04-May-16 06:07:57

Thanks ladies - I specifically like the shape and colour, so will keep looking.

It's interesting what you say about quality - I have had a couple of girls bags, albeit bought at Bicester, so not full price, and have been really pleased with the quality.

botemp Wed 04-May-16 07:24:24

Don't get me wrong, I think their quality is good but for the prices they are now asking it simply doesn't compare/compete with other brands at that price level in terms of leather, stitching, details, etc. They used to be a bit of a bargain and now they're at the opposite end of the scale in terms of value for money, so great in an outlet, less so at full price.

Saying that, I have managed to find it in that colour in Japan in the medium size for ¥ 41,800 (£269 more or less). They will ship it to the UK but at a cost of around £16 and you could be slapped with import duties so I don't know if you're interested in that, let me know and I'll link it up and explain how to use that site.

You're probably best off phoning them first to see if any shop has it in stock they usually ship them back and forth between shops at your request (well they do in Italy).

Threesocks Wed 04-May-16 08:07:04

Botemp- I know what you mean. I feel he same about Mulberry these days!

I will try and give them a call and see if they have any in the shops, if not I ,it come back to you about importing one!! Thanks

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