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Growing out a pixie yay or nay pics included

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MadSprocker Tue 03-May-16 09:11:08

I had my hair cut short for the first time 2 1/2 years ago. Loved it, got so many compliments. A year later I had it bleached peroxide blonde. Loved it even more. Last autumn I had it dyed back to brunette, just for a break from bleaching, mainly time wise.
The thing is , I am known for not keeping my hair the same for about more than two years, whether I change the colour or the cut. By staying with the pixie, I kind of feel I am losing a part of myself IYSWIM? I know this sounds really ridiculous.
I am also starting to be at that horrible growing out stage where my hair just looks bleargh and hangs weirdly over my ears, and starting to look Hailey Cropperish. I am definitely going to get it bleached again, it's more about the cut.
This is the kind of cut I am thinking of growing out to, then possibly a Taylor Swift style bleached Bob.
And bravely a pic of me with my brunette pixie and blonde pixie

bonzo77 Tue 03-May-16 09:31:38

I used to be you. The constant changes of cut or colour. Including growing out a pixie (twice), and feeling that changing things was part of me, and fearing the Hayley Cropper look. . And growing out all my colour (I'm now very grey at 38). Growing out the pixie was the most tedious horrible experience. Far worse than growing out the colour. But once I'd done it (achieved a short inverted Bob) I was so happy. Regular tidy ups in the mean time helped, and distracting from the horror by changing the colour frequently helped. I had almost every colour possible, some plausible natural colours, some not so much! I did not go down the clips / hair bands route as I hate them!

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