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sizing in Topshop

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houseHuntinginmanchester Tue 03-May-16 01:20:51

I went shopping today and tried on some top shop skinnies in size 12.

One of them was almost impossible to do up, the other zipped up but I looked like I'd been poured into them. I couldn't bear to try on a 14 so I left with nothing! sad

I'm 34 bust, 28 waist, 35 hips. I feel like I need to liposuction my hips away into nothingness or something. My height is 5'6.

Up until now I actually thought I was slim but now I'm not so sure.

Are the sizes really weird in top shop? or do I need lipo/crazy dieting


lateforeverything Tue 03-May-16 01:24:51

I'm of a similar build to you and stopped shopping in Topshop years ago for the exact same reasons!

You don't need lipo chocolate

houseHuntinginmanchester Tue 03-May-16 01:27:42

Thanks late .. I've not been in for bloody years.

So much for new-found bloody confidence

lateforeverything Tue 03-May-16 01:38:37

No worries! If I do go in there I only look at the jewellery lol grin

MadSprocker Tue 03-May-16 08:56:40

Go to Gap, total opposite.

Queenbean Tue 03-May-16 09:00:25

If you buy topshop Joni jeans they're a really good fit and stretchy so they come up true to size

Otherwise, don't bother! Especially not with denim shorts <hello size 16s>

houseHuntinginmanchester Tue 03-May-16 10:54:37

Ah queen I'll remember that for next time. I think I tried on leigh ones in all my muffin top glory.

Currently doing the shred to shift it. Was probably too soon to venture into toppers wink

Queenbean Tue 03-May-16 11:26:35

Joni are really nice and high wasted, so they hold in all the muffin top.

I used to wear Leigh and would have to undo the top button after dinner but with Joni, they sit above the muffin top. Delightful.

Branleuse Tue 03-May-16 11:29:59

Why couldnt you bear to try on a 14???

If a 14 fits, then it doesnt matter what number is on the label because theyre different in each shop. "I am a size 12" is meaningless because in another shop youll probably be a 10, another a 14, or god help you if you go into h&m because their sizing is completely inconsistent

houseHuntinginmanchester Tue 03-May-16 14:27:20

bran Erm, because I'm trying to lose weight as I've already mentioned up thread, so moving up to size 14 (even if it's meaningless etc etc) from my current size wouldn't be great for my morale.

ilovetosleep Tue 03-May-16 14:33:08

I don't get this. Topshop is truly weird. I am 10-12, and yet in topshop jamies I am an 8. I am so not that thin. I don't think I'm squeezing out of them (although undo a button after dinner!) they are snug when I buy them then they stretch so much. And on the other hand I have a couple of short pelmet skirts from there and I am a size 14. WTF?

mumofthemonsters808 Tue 03-May-16 14:37:42

My thirteen year old daughter loves Top Shop clothes as they fit her perfectly, that shows how small the sizes are. I'm a size 14 in their clothes, anywhere else I'm a 8/10, I just accept that is my size and that's what I get for shopping in a young girls store rather than a middle aged shop !!.

SinglePringle Tue 03-May-16 14:43:01

I don't get this either. I am size 12 in Top Shop, Zara, River Island, Whistles, Mango, Gap, H&M etc etc. Admittedly, I don't shop in M&S but presume I'd be a 12 in there also??

leedy Tue 03-May-16 14:46:15

I don't find their sizing consistent - I've had to send some online ordered stuff back for being much bigger than I expected (got a Topshop Unique shirt I could have fitted an extra person into), and on other items I've had to go up a size. I just go with whatever fits and try to ignore the label.

ItGoesWithoutSaying Tue 03-May-16 14:59:51

What Bran said. It doesn't matter what the number is on the garment because it will vary from shop to shop. It IS annoying 'cos it means you have to try on all the time.

FWIW, I used to find Top Shops' sizing fairly consistent: if I was a size 10 in one garment, I'd be a 10 in most. However, they seem to have gone to pot a bit lately and I can vary in size wildly.

Also second the comments on Joni jeans.

Branleuse Tue 03-May-16 16:03:39

sizing hasnt been consistent since about the 50s or 60s. Im sorry your morale depends on a number in your trousers, but youll probably be a lot more relaxed if you focus on how you feel and what you look like in well fitting clothes rather than numbers on your pants

houseHuntinginmanchester Tue 03-May-16 16:39:55

Ok bran, thanks for your input.

Only on mn where a simple question about clothes sizing can spark someone off. hmm

houseHuntinginmanchester Tue 03-May-16 16:42:30

To everyone else who replied, thank you, I do find most other stores consistent with sizing ie I'm a 12 everywhere else. You do get the odd store I suppose and topshop must be one of them. And as a pp said, aimed at teenaged girls aimed at teenaged girls who havnt had two dc grinwink

Branleuse Tue 03-May-16 16:47:33

sorry OP, but your measurements are pretty small already. You really dont need to worry about having to buy a size larger in a shop aimed at teenagers, really. Clothes sizes arent consistent, but I do find it very silly that you couldnt bear to try on trousers that you liked in a size up, in case it meant that that number WAS you. It isnt. Your post talking about liposuction when your measurements are 34/28/35 at 5ft 6, could actually be seen as slightly worrying, but yeh, the teenagery shops, most adult women will need to go up a size or two, and if youre an hourglass shape, its even more true.

peace, and be happy x

AnyFucker Tue 03-May-16 16:52:48

I find the tops huge and the bottoms small

I bought some of those nice soft grey joggers recently and had to go up a size as the 12's were skintight

I bought a white shirt in a size 6

So on the same day I bought a 6 and a 14 confused

AnyFucker Tue 03-May-16 16:53:35

Erk, I am 50 and shop in a teenage shop grin

BrandNewAndImproved Tue 03-May-16 16:56:18

I actually think topshop is more or less the right size. I know when I'm a twelve in topshop I am genuinely a 12 but can fit 8s and 10s on in Asda and new look because of their vanity sizing.

AmberNectarine Tue 03-May-16 17:11:01

Another who thinks the sizing is right. I am a solid 8 in Topshop, top and bottom. Very occasionally a 6. I buy loads there because it actually fits!

In a lot of other shops - next, gap etc, the smallest sizes are too big. I am by no means tiny!

Branleuse Tue 03-May-16 20:03:29

its not a teenage shop, but its aimed at young whippersnappers, you got to admit.

That doesnt mean they dont have good basics. I like their leggings and coats

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 03-May-16 20:48:52

I buy loads in Topshop. I am a solid 12 in their bottoms, 10/12 in tops, which is exactly the same as other shops. Coats are where I find the sizing weird, I have one in an eight which is perfect, and I am definitely not an eight.

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