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MN Vogue vol 70

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FedupNagging Mon 02-May-16 18:37:27

So summer is around the corner probably and we're looking forward to crops, short sleeved tops and flipflops grin

Come and tell us all about your summer purchases, high street or high end, we love it all.

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FedupNagging Mon 02-May-16 18:39:42

Yippee, it worked smile

MarshaBrady Mon 02-May-16 19:05:13

Well done Fedup good one!

LinusLovesBretons Mon 02-May-16 19:24:05

Thanks fedup!

Marking my place for later.

FedupNagging Mon 02-May-16 19:26:33

Thanks Marsha preens

I have ordered the Kate Spade bag but in this colour

It will be a lot more versatile than the blue colourway.

Thanks for your help smile

Dreamqueen Mon 02-May-16 19:40:26

wine Fedup
marking my place on lovely new thread.

AmberNectarine Mon 02-May-16 19:57:08

Thanks fedup!

So looking forward to some clement weather next weekend!

shopafrolic Mon 02-May-16 20:02:17

Thanks Fedup - marking place for later. Getting my Marcella fix this evening so will be wearing my parka on the school run tomorrow grin

AmberNectarine Mon 02-May-16 20:06:00

queenC - I liked Kilver. As with any discount place I imagine it's hit and miss. Mulberry had some great discounts - my friend got a mini Lily for a great price. I saw a lovely pair of shoes reduced to £99 which I regret leaving behind - am going to call and see if they'll post them. The Joseph was good too, and there were great discounts in Jack Wills. Chinti & Parker stuff still felt a bit overpriced. Lots of lovely French Sole ballerinas for the small of feet.

It was just a really nice day out so definitely worth a visit. My whole weekend in Bristol was wonderful too.

QueenC Mon 02-May-16 20:14:53

amber I must get round to visiting there. Glad you had fun in Bristol, it's a lovely city.
fedup good call on the bag. Looks like a good neutral.

I have spent the doing vomited on washing or sitting on the sofa with dd. Am hoping that she doesn't vomit all night tonight.

libertydoddle Mon 02-May-16 20:41:01

flowers for new thread fedup. Good bag choice.

QueenC I hope DD feels better soon. Love the jacket you linked for me.

No style news here. Have been decluttering all weekend. Feels like a never ending job.

Blingygolightly Mon 02-May-16 21:20:39

Evening all! I have had a great and very much style free long weekend. Having drank a lot and eaten my weight in food for 3 days (why do I do this when everyone is much bigger than me?!), when dd was watching me change of of my bikini yesterday she said somewhat innocently "Your tummy looks so big mummy. It looks like you have a baby in there".blushshockThat aside its exactly the kind of weekend we needed as a family. Lots of fun and relaxation. Yes I know I could have had that minus the food mountain.blush Back to healthy eating!

FedUp, I love the Kate Spade bag, it's beautiful.

Drywhitethanks Mon 02-May-16 21:38:01

Good one FedUp lovely new thread. Great bag too.

I feel as if ive lost my fashion mojo temporarily sad need warm weather to get SS stuff out.

Gosh QueenC poor you. I'm terrible with vomit ....and snot.....uggggh

Drywhitethanks Mon 02-May-16 21:39:33

Linus meant to say I'm now theproud owner if more of your clothes grin ...the berry Me and Em dress if great. Xxxxx flowers

justasecond Mon 02-May-16 22:19:04

great new thread fedup and love the kate spade bag in that colour.
I tried on these yesterday but in leather. I liked them but quite different to anything I have. I would prefer the beige suede but sold out.

can someone buy this top? I love the whole outfit in fact except the shoes.

well, dp's gone home. feels so quiet here without him.

no real fashion news to report, im on a low/no spend at the minute plus it's taking forver to start packing up my clothes as i just have so so much

love to all

VivaVegas Tue 03-May-16 07:02:21

Marking place.
Having decided Superstars were too wide and made me feel like Minnie Mouse I have some Stans en route to me to try, bargain price from Zalando.
Also entered the ballot for 2017 London Marathon.

shopafrolic Tue 03-May-16 07:33:36

Chin up One - sun is shining, weather is getting warmer. smile
Got up early and did DH his breakfast (first time ever!) I am turning into a person I don't recognise grin

Blingygolightly Tue 03-May-16 08:05:13

Did dh eat it Shop?

Don't think I am mentally prepared for summer, I wasn't sure what to wear today!!

VivaVegas Tue 03-May-16 09:33:26

I have ankles out for the first time this year, they look very white!

shopafrolic Tue 03-May-16 10:46:40

He did Blingy smile
My ankles are out too under my newly chopped up GAP skinnies - I know what you mean about white Viva

shopafrolic Tue 03-May-16 11:27:04

Best news of the day - the new Stans have arrived and they don't squeak!! FairPlay to Adidas for giving me a full refund. Brilliant thanks

Drywhitethanks Tue 03-May-16 17:54:30

Ankles out here too.....happy days smile..... But blue/white sad

MarshaBrady Tue 03-May-16 19:52:44

Trying to find a Met Gala link, any favourites.

Emma Watson looks good

MarshaBrady Tue 03-May-16 20:00:08

here it is, Met Gala

I like Lupita Nyong’o
Not keen on Taylor Swift's hair and make up

Why do the Olsen twins always stand facing each other?

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