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Venice clothes help!

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chardom Mon 02-May-16 10:53:19

I'm off to Venice in June with my 2 children to celebrate my half century. I'd like to treat myself to some new clothes to take with me, but I have no idea what! I'm 5'6, size 14, with brown hair and a large chest!! Can any of you stylish ladies please give me some ideas of how to look fabulous on my trip?

ShebaQueen Mon 02-May-16 15:50:20

I'm off on a citybreak soon and so far I have:

Jersey blazer from Uniqlo (as recommended on MN, smarter and more versatlie than a cardigan)
2 x plain t-shirts in grey and navy
Wrap top from Hush
Straight leg chinos from Gap
Lightweight scarf

I'm on the hunt for some comfy loafers or skater style trainers and a cross body bag.

I imagine Venice will be quite warm in June, hope you have a great time, I love it there. Watching thread with interest for more ideas.

MadSprocker Mon 02-May-16 16:21:06

Really comfortable shoes and make sure your shoulders are covered in churches! We went three years ago at the end of May, and it was beautiful weather. We didn't go to really upmarket restaurants, and I wore trainers, skirt or cropped trousers and a fitted t shirts most days.

chardom Mon 02-May-16 19:56:12

Thanks for your ideas. I like the sound of a jersey blazer ShebaQueen 😃

chardom Mon 02-May-16 19:58:22

I have some FitFlop sandals MadSprocker so I'm thinking they might be a good choice to take or will I need 'proper' shoes?

Madbengalmum Mon 02-May-16 20:01:28

Comfy shoes, but the blazer might be a bit warm in june!
Lots of light loose clothing. Dont forget the insect repellent too.

Oly5 Mon 02-May-16 20:02:52

I think June will be hot so i would take maxi dresses and maxi skirts, chinos and tops for evening, a pashmina to cover shoulders if chilly/in churches and some very comfy sandals. Moshulu do some very comfy footwear imo

Ilovewillow Mon 02-May-16 20:08:34

Comfy but stylish flats, lightweight scarves big enough to use as a shawl, jersey blazer, linen trousers, t shirts or loose shirts and some dresses. Accessorise with jewellery. I went to Venice as part of our honeymoon in August and because of the buildings and the narrow streets it can be really hot and oppressive so I would later. It is absolutely beautiful though - have an amazing time!

chardom Mon 02-May-16 20:08:52

Didn't realise I'd need insect repellent! Obviously, I'm so focused on my wardrobe I've not thought about the essentials!! Just off to have a look at Moshulu

Oly5 Mon 02-May-16 20:10:29

I have these, loads of colours and comfy

Madbengalmum Mon 02-May-16 20:13:55

Yup, the canals are the perfect breeding ground for mozzies!

chardom Mon 02-May-16 20:35:22

I'd better stock up on Avon dey oil spray so we don't get bitten to death!! Thanks everyone for your good wishes, we've had a tough year and we're really looking forward to our break.

bojorojo Mon 02-May-16 21:20:22

I would avoid maxi dresses/skirts in Venice. If you are getting in and out of the water busses, going over the numerous bridges and up and down steps, they will just get in the way. Venetian women just do not wear them. A nice dress and pashmina is great for the evening and chinos and a crisp cotton shirt is perfect for sight seeing. A cotton cardigan can be useful and can be rolled up and put in your day bag. It can be pretty hot in June. Trainers are easier for walking but flat sandals are fine too. The churches are cool so lovely to escape into. Have a lovely time.

Awks Mon 02-May-16 21:25:12

We spent our 25th wedding anniversary there a couple of years ago and it was boiling! Didn't get bitten though and I am usually a mozzie magnet. Take comfy shoes as you will walk miles - not sure about the chinos, it was far too hot for those when we went - I had shorts and t shirt on during the day and a dress I think, for the evening.

It was the most beautiful place I'd ever been to, hope you have a brilliant time

bojorojo Mon 02-May-16 21:30:37

I went from 8-12 June a few years ago and it is hot in the middle of the day but short, shorts are not ideal for the churches. Bermuda length shorts or a skirt would work too. I quite like linen shift dresses for day wear too.

chardom Mon 02-May-16 21:34:12

I'm not really a maxi dress wearer, to be honest, as I'm extremely clumsy and I've tried them but I tend to trip over the hem, so climbing in & out of boats in a maxi would be an absolute no no for me!! 😂

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