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Bikini help!!

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Magtheridon Mon 02-May-16 08:24:21

I go on holiday in less than a week
I ordered a bikini top I loved the look of - photo is hopefully attached
However the pants aren't in stock - I want some high waist ones.
Would plain black go?

DianaT1969 Mon 02-May-16 09:00:19

Yes, I think black would look fine. Has the top arrived? Good fit?

KatharinaRosalie Mon 02-May-16 09:49:36

are the tree branches black? Then yes. If they're more brown then might clash a bit?

Where's it from, by the way, it's gorgeous! (model needs to go up a cup size though)

Magtheridon Mon 02-May-16 10:25:37

It hasn't came yet, hopefully it will arrive today or tomorrow. I ordered it last Thursday. It's from asos by wolf & whistle
I was trying to work out the colour of the branches on the picture, I might wait until it comes before I go and buy the pants! Just abit worried as I've left it so late !

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