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Louis Vuitton Neverfall?

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WaitrosePigeon Sun 01-May-16 22:55:44

Does anyone have one? Can you please tell me the good and the bad bits hoping there are none. Or point me to something similar I may like? Thank you

WaitrosePigeon Sun 01-May-16 22:56:06

Neverfull! Fucking stupid autocorrect!

hollyisalovelyname Mon 02-May-16 13:38:23

I have one- it's great but I wish it had a zip. A nightmare in crowded places to ensure purse and phone are safe. I have the medium size.

ElspethFlashman Mon 02-May-16 13:42:21

I have heard the straps cut into your shoulders as they're so thin. And I would be petrified of pickpockets.

Over on the Purse Forum there's a huuuuuge LV section and a lot of Neverfull chat so that's a good resource.

Madbengalmum Mon 02-May-16 13:45:14

Yes, i sold mine, not being able to ever secure it got on my nerves after a while. Also, everybody seems to have one, they are quite popular.
The largest one is great as a beach bag though. Also there is only one small pocket, so it is not great for everyday, for me anyway.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 02-May-16 14:27:59

The consensus seems to be that they are impractical.

Joneseygirl77 Mon 02-May-16 14:44:12

I have one and love it. I do agree that a zip would be good but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. I travel round London most weeks and have never had any issues. I just pop my car key inside the inner purse and keep my phone in the zip pocket. The straps are thin but it's quite comfy to carry. I love mine!

Totally get the pickpocket thing but I nearly had my purse stolen from a zipped up longchamp bag a few years ago whilst Christmas shopping and I didn't think it was possible to get in those!

WaitrosePigeon Mon 02-May-16 16:37:41

I currently have a large Longchamp - I am in love with it. I love a big bag.

I completely didn't think about there being no zip. That kind rules it out for me to be honest.

WaitrosePigeon Mon 02-May-16 16:38:13

Ps thanks for all the input x

AmberNectarine Mon 02-May-16 21:15:52

I think a neverfull will be my next bag. I think they look lovely and age well. I recently got a clutch in the monogram print and find it goes with everything!

I have a couple of the Michael kors jet set totes and a coach one in a similar shape which I use to sling my laptop on for work and don't have a problem with the shoulder straps.

bojorojo Mon 02-May-16 21:24:46

I think they are popular because they are "entry level" LV for a decent size bag. I have a large one and find it ok. Never lost anything from it.

MrsPatrickDempsey Mon 02-May-16 23:08:19

I have a large monogram one which I have had forever. It has worn really well. Would agree that if it's really full the straps can be uncomfortable. I use it for work as I love being able to chuck in everything I need and to be able to access easily. I have the old style delightful which I use everyday and prefer due to comfort.

AgathaMystery Mon 02-May-16 23:23:37

Does anyone use a Samorga liner in their Neverfull? I've got my eye on a MM damier ebene but I know I'll need a liner to stop myself going mad.

I love Samorga liners for my Mulberry's but wondering about LV?

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