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High St Personal shopper - for men?

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TheDisappeared Sun 01-May-16 10:39:22

Hi there- it's my other half's birthday soon, and, well... he's a bit of a scruff bag and has been quite low lately. I'm thinking of giving him vouchers and arranging for him to see a personal shopper at one of the places that does free consultations; Top Shop, Debenhams, House of Fraser...

Has anyone any experience with any of these? We are in Edinburgh, if that helps. I want it to be a fun experience rather than dispiriting. He's 40-ish, and into dark colours/geeky stuff. He needs some everyday staples to help him feel a bit better about himself.

Any advice much appreciated!

BlitheringIdiot Sun 01-May-16 19:27:53


chicaguapa Sun 01-May-16 19:34:04

DH, similar age, has done it at Debenhams. He loved it.

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