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The Crepey Buds Of May

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GiddyGiddyGoat Sat 30-Apr-16 19:49:42

Err, how did that happen with no one noticing!
It's because we're all on the dark and stormy, sloe gin and prosecco innit.

Sorry for the not v inspired title but I panicked.

bigTillyMint Sat 30-Apr-16 20:23:29

DM finished a bottle of sloe gin before she enter into the home. Just saying.

On the bus home - was another lovely MU And v pleased with myself for finding the new thread smile

BeachysSandyFlipFlops Sat 30-Apr-16 20:53:37

Well done GGG

Wish I was there wine

Peaceful day here, preparing for ddad's 87th birthday tomorrow.

I do feel so upset at your situation MI. Dad's had dsis there today and her family, and then he comes here tomorrow with us, dbro and his family. He is so loved, but he is so lovely that's it's really not hard. He is also so incredibly grateful, which is not really prevalent in that generation (or any generation unfortunately!

Thoughts with you, this weekend. flowers

Blackduck Sat 30-Apr-16 21:26:26

Hyperventilated there for a moment re losing you all......

Lovely drinks with the crepeys and lovely curry with ddad.

I have to say I cannot truly express how glad I am that I stumbled across the original crepey thread and how wonderful you all are. Truly you are lifesavers snd you just don't know how much ...

Big mwah to you all. Loves you lots.

MontserratCaballe Sat 30-Apr-16 21:39:50

Thank you, GGG.

BD, I entirely agree. The love and support here is marvellous. Thank you my darlings xxx

CointreauVersial Sat 30-Apr-16 22:18:00

Yo new thread! Well done, GGG.

motherinferior Sat 30-Apr-16 22:26:17

Hello lovely Crepeys.

Thanks in no small part to all of you, my day has ended much, much more happily than it began. Dear friend - her mother is an old mate of mine and she loves mum dearly -turned up and cooked dinner and I got a break. DP and kids due to come tomorrow. Mum continuing to sink: I kissed her good night and said "thank you for everything - you couldn't have made me happier" which may not be strictly true but I wanted to say.

Dying isn't a lot of fun, but she has no pain and has very good care.

herbaceous Sat 30-Apr-16 22:53:42

Oh MI sad What a time.

Had one too many D&Ss with the lovely crepeys. Regaled them with my hugely embarrassing trip to Hermes, which I made on the way.

My now gay ex boyfriend who love in New York had bought me an Hermes bracelet for my 50th. I was dismayed to note that after a few wears it had a couple of scratches on it. Emailed Hermes customer service, 'would have expected an item on such cost and prestige to last a little better', yadda yadda. Customer services said I should take it too my nearest Hermes store (like I have one down the road). I did this, braving the frightful vulgarity of New Bond Street and the eye watering poshness of Hermes. Immaculate and terrifying perfect woman fingers bracelet, picks at 'scratch' with her fingernail, and declares that it's 'just a mark'. And, indeed, it came off. Must have been a bit of food.

BUT on the phone lush side I got t meet the rather dishy Mr Rudy, and direct do them both to my local eateries. Bet whatever they ate wasn't as good as my fish fingers, potato croquettes and beans.

herbaceous Sat 30-Apr-16 23:37:15

'Phone lush'? I think I meant 'plus'. Dark and stormys + typing on iPad = gibberish.

Auriga Sun 01-May-16 00:06:51

MI, I think what you said to your Mum probably is strictly true. She did the best she could. To do differently she'd have had to be somebody else. Your happiness with DP and the girls is probably partly to her credit, however indirectly. And she loves you. I don't think it's hypocritical to hold on to the positives during this crisis, it's what I did & it helped me. Lots of love x

Blackduck Sun 01-May-16 05:25:07

Monty how are? Hope things are slowly getting back to normal.

Wise words Auriga and MI glad the day ended better than it started.

Herbs still think you should have smiled and whispered to the girl 'mystery shopper' and winked smile

I would think nothing less than Mr Rudy would be dishy smile.

motherinferior Sun 01-May-16 08:17:50

Happy May Day, all.

hattymattie Sun 01-May-16 09:13:45

Happy Mayday all - dear crepeys - hope you are all bearing up under the strain of aged parents. The thread goes so fast now I had to search for this one. MI - I find new lipstick is alway the way to go in the fact of adversity.

Herbs - grin at Hermes bracelet story - I wish I had a rich gay ex boyfriend.

Beachy - thank you for the lovely FB invitation to camp - I would love to but we are in the middle of baccalaureate exams then. I am actually trying but failing to find a lake district cottage - I think all the good ones are booked unless one is willing to pay zillions or go to the very edges of the lake district. Does anybody know Bassenthwaite?

motherinferior Sun 01-May-16 09:36:06

Yes, I too have rich gay ex-boyfriend envy. Mine are all impecunious dodgy types.

herbaceous Sun 01-May-16 09:55:25

RGXBF (WNLINYC) has the added bonus of residual guilt re wasting the Best Years of my Life, so buys me lavish gifts.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 01-May-16 09:57:16

Mine said that I put him off women for life, Herbs...

motherinferior Sun 01-May-16 10:07:32

My ex, you will recall, took up BDSM after he chucked mewink

Cremo Sun 01-May-16 11:28:25

Phew found you all. Thanks for fred GGG.
My GXBF is now head of something at Vivienne Westwood, but has never sent me so much as a 10% off voucher. biscuitgrin

Glad the MU last night has lifted various spirits. You are a wunnerful lot.<sniff>

addle Sun 01-May-16 12:06:06

Morning everyone! Missed you at first. Glad you were able to say that to your mother, MI. Auriga speaks wisely.
Beachy, your dad always sounds lovely.
Heading through dire traffic to Kentish woodland fr picnic. Then 60yh (!) bday party this evening.

Dreamqueen Sun 01-May-16 17:12:31

So glad to find you all on here.

Hattie airbnb has some rather nice places available in Lake district. On my Spanish trip last week I booked all my accomodation via airbnb ( except for the nights I spent curled up in the hospital room) and was very surprised at the level of service & true to advert. I'm an airbnb convert now.

bigTillyMint Sun 01-May-16 17:51:37

Yes, yes to Air bnb!

Addle, hope you got there OK.

Quiet day today pottering in the garden plus lunch out with DH at a hipster joint which does the best sandwiches. Feeling exhausted - so glad there's no work tomorrow.

motherinferior Sun 01-May-16 17:54:47

My mother continues her inexorable decline. DSis back tomorrow. Dad bonkers. DP and Inferiorettes came for lunch and then went back to normality.

CointreauVersial Sun 01-May-16 18:08:54

How come so many of you have gay XBFs?? confused I have a "still unaccountably single at 53" XBF (the hot one, who lives in California, who we may catch up with in August), but haven't to my knowledge frightened anyone off the opposite sex for good. Although I think I could tip DH over the edge if I tried hard enough....

Having a lovely, relaxing day here - we met up with our best mates this morning for a spot of Top Golf (mutant crossover of golf/10-pin bowling/pinball/darts), followed by lunch by the lake in the sunshine at a proper golf club nearby. As a bonus, they had a sale on in the pro shop, so I was able to kit golfer DS out with natty new shorts and polo for very little money (his scabby denim shorts and Topman teeshirts not golf-suitable, unfortunately). Sooo nice to be able to sit in the sun and read the papers. Addle - I bet your picnic was heavenly.

The house is now a bombsite, as DD2 has decided to rearrange/muck out her bedroom. Not before time. I'm kind of sad, because she is packing away lots of childish things, for example her collection of snow globes, and all her cuddlies. sad Meanwhile I'm steaming through my eBay pile.

DS is very grumpily revising. First exam is on Tuesday (only iGCSE English, so a gentle start). We've agreed a reward system for the exams, which we hope will reward effort rather than achievement, which is as follows:
- Achieve target grade - Dollar!
- Exceed target grade - Top Dollar!!
- Fall below target grade - No Dollar. grin

CointreauVersial Sun 01-May-16 18:09:41

sad Sorry, MI. flowers

motherinferior Sun 01-May-16 18:22:41

California, you say? Would that be ^San Francisco^wink?

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