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If you're in your 40's what's your favourite foundation?

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Ponymagic Sat 30-Apr-16 11:55:36

I know .... yet another foundation thread - sorry!

However, genuinely interested to see whether there are a selection of foundations which work well for those of us in our 40's?

I'm using By Terry Cover Expert just now. It worked for me until they added SPF and the shades changed. I replaced with what By Terry said was the closest match to what I was using (ie one shade down) but it's just not the right and has a distinct orange tone. Tried Dior Star and was colour matched with their device in Debenhams - but daylight showed a real tideline and total mismatch between that and my skin tone.

So I'm on the hunt again!

AdoraKiora Sat 30-Apr-16 12:00:17

Ooh, watching with interest.

I'm approaching 40 and my ' go to' foundations just aren't cutting it any more. I find my skin changes every 3-5 years or so and I have to go on the hunt for new foundation, and its happening again to me recently.

I was using Chanel Vitalumiere for day and Estee Lauder Doublewear for heavier coverage/nights out in my early-mid thirties, but the former started to feel quite drying and the latter changed formula and was cakey. Revlon Colourstay was a good, cheaper alternative for a while, but its too heavy for day.

I've been using Bourjois CC cream for the last 2 years, as I couldn't find any foundation that was right, and have been SO happy with it...but its suddenly feeling a bit greasy and not giving me good coverage any more.

Grrrr. I await replies with interest grin

treaclesoda Sat 30-Apr-16 12:02:08

Have recently discovered Lancome Teint Miracle (I think that's the name). It's the most natural looking foundation I've ever used but it still covers all the imperfections.

shirkingworking Sat 30-Apr-16 12:03:18

41 and use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser - the radiance one... I like it! (And then I use kevin Aucoin little pot of highly pigmented stuff to conceal melasma... Ugh.)

heartyrebel Sat 30-Apr-16 12:56:21

I use MAC studio fix

MsBojangles Sat 30-Apr-16 13:03:23

Chantacaille tinted moisturiser.
Chatlotte Tillbury, Light Wonder foundation.
Ellis Faas foundation.

Only1scoop Sat 30-Apr-16 13:05:35

Ysl touché éclat foundation.

Love it

KarenfromFinance Sat 30-Apr-16 13:09:09

Ysl Fusion Ink

SharonSignsToCherryRed Sat 30-Apr-16 13:12:39

Estée Lauder maximum cover. Wish I could find a cheaper option with the same coverage.

suze28 Sat 30-Apr-16 13:12:59

Favourite liquid foundation is Lancome Teint Miracle and favourite powder is bareMinerals original powder. I'm 44 and starting to get fine lines which the powder doesn't sit in at all. It gives a light flawless coverage.

CremeBrulee Sat 30-Apr-16 13:18:37

Estée Lauder Doublewear Light for everyday and occasionally Lancôme Teint Miracle when I want a bit more depth if colour. Found these after a major foundation crisis and skin meltdown resulting in 6 months of antibiotics! Very reluctant to try anything else now.

georgefrederickhandel Sat 30-Apr-16 13:49:19

Estée Lauder Doublewear Light here too

Lndnmummy Sat 30-Apr-16 13:55:32

MAC face and body and bare minerals tinted moisturiser

Ponymagic Sat 30-Apr-16 14:49:41

Can see myself coming home tomorrow with a handbag full of samples of all of the above grin. I got a Chanel Les Beiges sample in magazine recently and it was quite nice but Chanel colours have never worked for me before.

MathsFiend Sat 30-Apr-16 15:21:22

I am not quite 40, but not far off.... Was using by terry sheer expert, but decided to try something else as fed up with space nk staff ignoring me whenever I went in.

I tried Nars sheer glow and am really happy with it. It doesn't do that orange tide line which so many others do. Plus, a lot cheaper than by terry with much friendlier sales staff.

If you are looking for heavier coverage, they have an all day foundation which also looks nice, though I only tried it on my hand. Both foundations have a wide range of shades.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sat 30-Apr-16 15:33:41

I switch between Chantecaille TM in summer and YSL Touche Eclat in winter.
The YSL is the old formulation, haven't tried the new one.
Healthy mix serum for heavier coverage.

Had a look at Laura Mercier Candlelit foiindation abs it looked good, haven't used it properly though.

plentyofshoes Sun 01-May-16 14:15:20

Clinique Even better. Looks very natural on with excellent coverage.

redhat Sun 01-May-16 14:17:12

I also use Clinique Even Better. Coverage is really good without looking caked.

moomoogalicious Sun 01-May-16 14:19:19

No7 lift and luminate - very natural

saoirse31 Sun 01-May-16 14:23:08

Mm interesting.. Am 53 and while don't west make up much, when I do I wear Bobbi brown bb... Expensive but lasts

LokisLover Sun 01-May-16 14:37:54

40 this year and I use nars tinted moisturiser every day and love it but then I am a pale pink colour and lots of foundations are too sallow on me.

For more coverage/nights out I use benefit oxygen foundation. I haven't bought it yet as I've got lots of samples that keep me going.

I used to love Chanel foundations but had to return the Aqua lumiere as it had too much alcohol in it for me.

treeagate Sun 01-May-16 19:10:12

No7 stay perfect super light is good for everyday and their stay perfect for nights out. I have rosy skin which is very difficult to colour match in a foundation as anything yellow just looks weird

MardleBum Sun 01-May-16 19:11:26

MAC mineral foundation of Bare Minerals liquid foundation.

BestIsWest Sun 01-May-16 19:17:49

I'm 53 and use Teint miracle with the matching concealer. I find lighter is better as I get older and it has a great sheen. I also like the Neal's Yard mineral make up.

havalina1 Sun 01-May-16 20:03:55

I use Aveda tinted moisturiser it is extremely moisturising and the shade is perfect for me (no pinky tone at all).

I find MAC to heavy now (the bottled stuff). I occasionally use them MAC mineral compact - it's lovely.

I'm 41 smile

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