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Those 'lightest suitcases in the world' cases

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Zola1980 Fri 29-Apr-16 23:18:16

Are they any good? Durable? Have had a great samsonite case for years but need a bigger case and thought these looked good as can pack more in!
(Kind of relevant to style and beauty with all the current talk of holiday wardrobes!)

MaybeDoctor Fri 29-Apr-16 23:25:17

Is that an actual make?

Suitcases have definitely got lighter in the last few years. We bought a samsonite last year and it is way lighter than the equivalent Delsey from about 10 years ago.

Zola1980 Fri 29-Apr-16 23:29:42

Yes I think so...

I will have a look at latest samsonite ones too in that case (no pun intended!)

amarmai Sat 30-Apr-16 00:16:11

my dd's wonderful expensive very lightweight suitcase by a famous make, decided to shed its pull handle -just ripped right out on the flight home from london. we did do a lot of shopping but---?? I buy the old fashionned really strong ones now.

flirtygirl Sat 30-Apr-16 20:40:49

Ive got world lightest and love them and im a classic overpacker, prob have to change within 5 years but i think most have a guarantee that long and matalans regularly have them half price.

Euphemia Sat 30-Apr-16 21:07:12

DD and I have used ours for about a year and a half now: they've been to the USA and back twice, and on and off many trains!

They're fine - I'm not sure they're built for life, but they've done well so far.

Scone1nSixtySeconds Sat 30-Apr-16 21:11:52

I used them going to/from Australia on four or five occasions and they were great - much sturdier than the more expensive one I bought.

NicknameUsed Sat 30-Apr-16 21:16:03

Mine has been heaved on and off several flights and is much sturdier than it looks. IMO these cases are great.

VinceNoirLovesHowardMoon Sat 30-Apr-16 21:19:11

Ours broke after 2 trips. One side of the metal framework collapsed. It's useable but annoying

Zola1980 Sat 30-Apr-16 22:26:46

Excellent (apart from yours vince!)
Will give them a go!

Misssss Sat 30-Apr-16 22:27:17

They're good but they don't support the things inside so can bulge and look weird. They're really good if you're like me and over pack. Carefully wrap delicates and beware of makeup - there is no protection. The extra few kilos you save have saved me a fortune over the years.

JohnCheese Sat 30-Apr-16 22:30:00

It only has 2 wheels. I think you need 4 for the hauling it here there and everywhere. 4 wheels is so handy.

JohnCheese Sat 30-Apr-16 22:31:09

4 wheels 'are' handy prob more better grammarwink

SwedishEdith Sat 30-Apr-16 22:36:24

We've got some of these. Have been good - have even been lost and delivered 48 hours later and still fine.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 01-May-16 03:07:05

Mine broke - first use.

MathsFiend Sun 01-May-16 11:37:18

We have them and they are really handy. Means you can pack loads and carry on as hand luggage. Plus, they have a 10 year guarantee.

dementedpixie Sun 01-May-16 11:39:44

We have used them the last few years. Never had a problem with them

Madbengalmum Sun 01-May-16 11:40:06

Samsonte cosmolite, is the way to go. Very light, comes in three sizes, many colours and is pretty indestructable. I travel alot and have had mine ten years and it is still as good as new, well worth the money.

MardleBum Sun 01-May-16 11:42:07

I've got one. I've used it a few times and it is indeed very light and easy to pack, no wasted space, but the pull up handle is a bit rickety - not sure how long it's going to last. And the fabric is quite soft and thin so you couldn't pack anything very delicate or breakable in it.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 01-May-16 14:55:28

The 10 year guarantee was no good for me - i bought mine in London. Used it on flight back to Ireland.
Too expensive to return it. sad
I wasn't going to fly back to London with it .

JaceLancs Sun 01-May-16 20:29:14

I have a few IT lightweight cases
The ultralight weight 2 wheelers are only really suitable for cabin size as not sturdy enough to be thrown around
I have a slightly larger 4 wheeler which is hand luggage on one or two airlines but is more rigid on sides this one has stood the test of time and I've used at least once a month for past 5 years on trains, in car and flights
I also have larger lightweight antler and samsonite cases but they are still lots heavier than the IT ones
Best range at reasonable prices are at bags etc or al duomo - I find matalan and the ones in supermarkets are not the better ones in their range

Scone1nSixtySeconds Mon 02-May-16 16:22:31

Maybe thats the difference? I bought mine at el duomo.

NicknameUsed Mon 02-May-16 16:36:21

I got mine from Domo and it has survived several flights.

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