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Bare minerals complexion rescue...

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Indecisivejo Fri 29-Apr-16 19:01:30

Have seen this recommended on another thread and it sounds ideal for me but I tried it ages ago and found it had zero coverage and very greasy, am I doing something wrong??
How do those who use it apply it and how do you find the coverage??

Cuttysarky Fri 29-Apr-16 20:19:14

I have loved complexion rescue for ages, I have combination skin, a few acne marks, spots sometimes and quite uneven skin tone, I usually use a serum or very light moisturiser before this as this product doesn't give me enough moisture on its own, I apply it all over like I would a moisturiser, then pat more on the areas I would like a bit more coverage, I still have to apply a bit of concealer on top then powder the oily bits, but it definitely makes me look way better, doesn't go cakey. However! The past month or so I've found my skin much drier and not looking as good as it did, got a sample of Nars tinted moisturiser and it's amazing, all the things I like about complexion rescue but better, more moisture and a bit more coverage. In both products though it would definitely be worth getting shade matched if you can get to a store. Hope this helps!

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