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Please advise! Hairstyle for appointment tomorrow!

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Sparklingsky Thu 28-Apr-16 23:10:52

I have mid length (below shoulders) very dark brown hair, pale skin and green eyes. I like the idea of a hairstyle that's off my face. With some height on top. (I know - probably sounds hideous??). Is there a way this could work? I'm rubbish with hair. No idea what to ask for. My hair is fine but there's a reasonable amount of it.

I don't really want a straight bob. With my colouring it can look a bit harsh (I'm mid 40s). TIA ...

Sparklingsky Fri 29-Apr-16 08:01:16

Ahhh! Just saw the 'Long hair on a forty plus woman' thread. No wonder I haven't had any advice. Anyone from that thread reading this would probably be rolling their eyes at my question. confused blush

So I'm guessing I would have been told to leave my hair well alone. (Except I'm pretty sure it looks quite crappy as I only know how to have it one length with a few short let bits and use straighteners...)

The bit I'm finding hard is knowing I look better with hair away from my face (and allergies make me want it away anyway), but not knowing whether this will date me to either 1980s or 1950s.

The truth is - I'm a bit worries I'll look like this -

Sparklingsky Fri 29-Apr-16 08:04:58

Like this -

Kr1stina Fri 29-Apr-16 08:07:20

You need to search Pinterest for some photos you like and show them to your hairdressers. He/ she will advise you on how to make it work for your hair

Sparklingsky Fri 29-Apr-16 08:30:36

Did some research but only slebs and teens/20s in the photos with my colouring. Not sure I can get away with these bold choices...

Laststop Fri 29-Apr-16 08:33:05

Can you put a picture up ? And we can she what ur hair / face is like and then can maybe suggest

Kr1stina Fri 29-Apr-16 12:39:48

Does it need to be a photo of someone with your colouring ? Isn't it more about your face shape, kind of hair you have and your personal style ?

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