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Kate Spade bag, can I exchange it twice?

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sendforthenext Thu 28-Apr-16 20:18:20

So my best friend bought me a gorgeous little Kate Spade bag for my ahem, big birthday last weekend. The only problem was I wasn't keen on the colour. She had included a gift receipt so yesterday I took it back and couldn't decide between the black or the two tone. In the end I went for the two tone one but today I think I made the wrong decision and really wish I'd got the black! It's still in the box, if I went back tomorrow do you think they'd let me exchange it a second time?

amarmai Thu 28-Apr-16 22:10:41

i do serial returns and no-one ever refused. Go for it !

neveradullmoment99 Thu 28-Apr-16 22:12:57

I have done this in the past and its been fine. I just explain and there is no problem.

sendforthenext Thu 28-Apr-16 23:58:32

Thanks, I'll do it then! Don't know why I was getting worried and thinking they might say no, but I was.

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