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Just had boob job - no idea what I should wear with my new figure!

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SJHMummy Thu 28-Apr-16 14:43:21

I've just bitten the bullet and had a boob job following 2 babies and boobs that used to be wonderful but turned into puppy dogs ears! Now I have absolutely no idea what I should wear as I've had a flat chest for the last 5 years!
Help! Can anyone with a slim figure (10/12) and biggish boobs (dd/e cup) help me.
Thanks so much, I feel completely clueless and frumpy right now!

Frostycake Thu 28-Apr-16 14:46:23


My advice would be to show them off but keep them covered. For example, wear fitted clothes - not loose - but cover them up (unless going to an evening 'dressed up' event etc.) Fit is key so make sure things fit you in the bust as well as the waist. Try Bravissimo.

SJHMummy Thu 28-Apr-16 14:49:23

Thanks Frostycake. I must admit I'm feeling v self conscious at the moment but hoping it'll all feel more normal soon.
Thanks for the advice.

FishOn Thu 28-Apr-16 14:58:46

Get good bras that fit!

You might find things that button up the front are no longer an option. They pull across the bust if you get them in a size that fits your body, as then it's going to be bit snug across the boobs.

High necklines give you avoided grin

I think scoop necks and v necks work well. And things with a bit of lycra in a great, so they don't just hang off your boobs, making your waist disappear.

It's actually quite hard to dress a slim body with big boobs! Bet you look FAB though grin

KatharinaRosalie Thu 28-Apr-16 15:30:39

Cowl necks are my favourites. Very flattering and not 'here's my chest, the rest is coming'.

ImBrian Thu 28-Apr-16 17:15:00

Happy new boobs biscuitbiscuit
When I got mine done I couldn't help but have them 'out' lots! I've got over that now and go for a more classy look but mine are nearly 8 years old now.

I have crap fashion sense and live in vests/t shirt and Jean combos but I'm a similar size to you so will watch with interest.

Littlelondoner Thu 28-Apr-16 19:50:56

As someone who is a natural 32E never under estimate power of a belt or things that tie. You need to show you have a waist. Also you may find the extra weight on your back so make sure you invest in some fab new good fitting bras. Enjoy!

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