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Quick help, please - is this dress too white for a wedding?

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scandichick Thu 28-Apr-16 11:07:08

I'm trying to reuse a dress I got for a christening to an upcoming wedding after wasting weeks on trawling the internet looking for lovely new dresses, but it's pretty white on top...

What do you think, is this OK? I wouldn't have been impressed if anyone had turned up dressed in white at my wedding, so want to err on the side of caution.

RavioliOnToast Thu 28-Apr-16 11:07:55

Id say that's fine

RaeSkywalker Thu 28-Apr-16 11:08:43

It's fine (and lovely!)

PurpleWithRed Thu 28-Apr-16 11:08:51

Ok, especially if you have an ice blue coverup of some sort for the top. or hat or fascinator or whatever

Gazelda Thu 28-Apr-16 11:08:57

I don't think it's too white. Its beautiful. What colour accessories?

icklekid Thu 28-Apr-16 11:10:23

No its lovely and hardly bridal so wouldn't worry about too white

Pisssssedofff Thu 28-Apr-16 11:17:28

It's lovely

scandichick Thu 28-Apr-16 11:17:32

Great, thank you! I'm useless with accessories, usually just do everything in black because I have it already. Suggestions gratefully received, otherwise I should be OK with something blue on top and black bag/shoes.

Bue Thu 28-Apr-16 11:24:34

I'd go nude for shoes.

Allalonenow Thu 28-Apr-16 11:31:52

I think it would be fine as long as you don't wear anything else white, though you could get away with an ice blue hat with white ribbon /flower.

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