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size 16 mid thirties - what to wear?

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kippersandcustard Wed 27-Apr-16 22:06:36

Since having DD 2 years ago my body shape has changed. I've not managed to lose the baby weight so I'm a size 16 with flabby c section tummy. Also big massive boobs and generally feel fat all over. Just don't know what to wear for casual days. Work is easy as I wear dresses or skirts and blouse and that's fine. I've tried skinny jeans but they look awful so keep returning to the dreaded bootcuts with a longish loose top to cover my tummy. I used to wear a lot of dresses and skirts but they just don't work now. Any ideas? Feel frumpy in everything but don't know where to start.

ShinyShinyShiny Thu 28-Apr-16 10:04:58

You're a similar age, shape and size to me and, like you, my shape changed massively after having DS.

I've given up on skinny jeans and go for slim flared instead, they are much more flattering and avoid the boot cut (although I don't think all boot cuts are terrible and IMO a well fitting pair of boot cut jeans is better than an ill fitting pair of skinnies).

Something like this:

I find a fitted top more flattering than loose, or a wear a longline fitted vest under a top which helps conceal my tummy and gives me more choice of tops.

I do like fitted blazers too, they give me more of a waist and make me feel smarter.

JJJHeimerSchmidt Thu 28-Apr-16 17:28:21

It might depend on your shape. I'm a size 14/16 and also in mid-thirties, but tall, and a spoon/hourglass figure most of the time.

I still wear skinnies, but I get them from Uniqlo (the ultra stretch ones) and Next (lift/slim/shape higher-waisted ones). They're high enough in the rise that they hide my muffin top, and stretchy enough to get round my thighs. That said, straight legged jeans - ones that are slim through the thigh and knee - might be a good compromise between skinny and flare.

YY to longline vests. I rarely leave home without them. I've found fitted tops more flattering than loose too, but no belts across the middle. Seen it promoted on TV style programmes for years, and unless I wear them on my ribs, they just make me look pregnant all over again.

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