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Does anyone wear hair extensions / wigs / weaves etc?

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HeresJohnny Wed 27-Apr-16 17:51:41

How much do you usually pay for it and how do you maintain it? And can you spot a bad hair extension job from a mile off?

I've noticed there's a massive price difference so is it best to assume expensive = quality?

I'm considering hair extensions to test out a bit of colour and length with my hair so I'd like to know how reasonably 'natural' it would look.

PixieMiss Wed 27-Apr-16 18:32:40

I have nano ring extentions made from Brazilian hair. They were expensive initially, over £300 but they blend in with my hair beautifully and you cannot see the rings at the roots at all.

I have them removed and refitted every 3 to 4 months and the condition of them, and my own hair, is great.

They do need the maintenance and mine can look a bit scraggy if I go more than 3 days without washing but this will depend on your own hair I guess. I wash mine in Aussie shampoo and conditioner then immediately blowdry without combing at all till it is dry. I rarely use any other product on them.

In short, I would definitely recommend the nano ring method and Brazilian hair. It can be slightly more expensive than other hair but this isn't something you want to look for a cheaper option with!

Misssss Fri 29-Apr-16 05:53:05

I wear extensions in some form daily. I occasionally have a weave. Clip ins if I want a temporary look. Wigs almost daily. I make my own wigs but I recommend going to an Afro Caribbean hairdresser if you want a weave. I have no experience of the glue/nano etc.

Buy the best hair you can afford. Don't pay attention to the origin. Most of the hair on sale is from south east Asia but the companies call it Brazillian, Malaysian etc as a marketing ploy. Brazillian women aren't cutting off their hair and selling it!

You do want to buy cuticle aligned remy hair (this won't tangle.) Double drawn hair is nice but expensive and imho unnecessary unless you're going for a super long blunt edged style. Look after the hair well, deep condition weekly and use minimal product. Always use heat protection. Anymore questions, just ask.

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