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can anyone help me work out what suits me?

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greenpoplinshirt Wed 27-Apr-16 13:38:07

im a 12 on top and 12 on bottom.

lots of flab noticeable under jeans when i wear high waisted style jeans (tired of buying jeans that wont stay up but that iss another thread)

square bottom

short torso

small bust - 36a or b

35 under bust/ribs

31 waist at smallest point

39 hips.

height 5 ft 8

weight 9 stone 10

i think i might be "rectangle".

cameron diaz is used as an example but i have lots more flab so not sure how to dress myself.

i feel in a style rut of long cardigans, jeans, drapey longish tops to hide rolls at waist and ballet flats.

im a sahp, so i buy h and m price clothes that i can do light cleaning in/pop out to go to supermarket/school run in/ baby group.

i dont know whose celeb style i like, possibly jools oliver but i dont find media peoples style very easy to relate to?

does anyone else sound like me - what do you wear?

greenpoplinshirt Wed 27-Apr-16 13:45:05

i forgot to add, dont like summer dresses due to prominent blue veins on my legs. thank you!

greenpoplinshirt Wed 27-Apr-16 13:49:53

also forgot to add i have massive shoulders, like a swimmer.

thanks if anyone can help.

greenpoplinshirt Wed 27-Apr-16 21:00:17

back to bump for any evening advice...

ZaZathecat Thu 28-Apr-16 08:09:54

Sorry I can't advise myself but I gather that on the dressipi website you put in your measurements and it tells you what would suit you.

Frostycake Thu 28-Apr-16 11:48:09

As if by magic...

Here you go OP grin This is the latest 'inverted triangle thread but there are lots going back years if you search.

You sound very similar to me i have massive shoulders too and I agree it is difficult to dress our shape but don't give up, there's loads you can wear.

Have you tried the top, jeans/trousers, blazer combo? You can take the jacket off to be more casual and pair it with flats (Vans/Converse/ballet pumps), or smarten it up by putting jewllery on with heels. I think it's important to make sure that your clothes fit you properly and a good tailor is invaluable. Ask at your local bridal shop or dry cleaners or Google 'seamstresses' in your area.

Also try 'the tuck' to show you have a waist. This enables you to show off your figure without feeling constricted all over or self-conscious.

With our body shape, it's really important to wear fitted styles, not drapey styles as they just make us look messy and frumpy. Think denim/cotton not crinkle cotton/shiffon for instance.

Also, have a look at some bloggers with our body type:

Eve (All Worn Out) has just come back I understand and she's on Instagram too
IWONTWEARSLUDGEBROWN is also this shape and does 'City Smart' style REALLY well.
You don't say what age you are so these may be too mature for you (40-ish) but there are loads of bloggers of different ages to choose from, simply look at blogger's links to other bloggers.

greenpoplinshirt Thu 28-Apr-16 13:28:43

ha ha! thanks frosty, didnt think i was an inverted triangle because my stomach sticks out more than my bust along with my shoulders being 39 inched and my hips being 39 inches.

must try more fitted clothes but feel self conscious and shyed away from that as said before, my bust is so flat and my stomach sticks out more (have been seriously been considering breast augmentation. i feet that fitted clothes highlight my bust being disproportionate to my frame.

will look at dressipi.

thank you!

Frostycake Thu 28-Apr-16 14:43:53

You may be a mixture between a ruler and an inverted triangle but as soon as you mentioned your shoulders, I thought 'inverted triangle' as hulking shoulders are normally the give away for our body type! Some Inverted Triangles have bellies and no boobs too, it's the overall silhouette that counts. Do you have a 'boyish' figure would you say (do you have straight hips and legs) or are they curved? This may give you a clue.

Dressipi is good but it only ever 'suggests' boot flare trousers and fitted jackets for me so not very inspirational.

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