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ABC to a Healthy Me

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Zebedah Wed 27-Apr-16 11:27:50

I'm posting this here because some of my ABC's relate to style/beauty! It's quite long I'm afraid.
I know it sounds a bit cringe but after way too long of beating myself up, I'm trying anything to boost my self esteem.
I started with a mantra I repeated every time I thought something negative about my body 'I am more than my body and appearance'. I've been doing this for around a week and I've noticed I've stopped picking on myself quite so much.
And it got me thinking about a little list I could look at. I thought I'd share mine in case anyone wanted to give it a go themselves!
A- Appreciation of myself. Have a good look in the mirror every morning.
B- Brush hair every morning (I know, but I WFH and don't always!)
C- Control and Choice- I have it over most things, just remember.
D- Drink more water throughout the day
E- Exercise three times a week
F- Food is not the enemy, but make sensible choices
G- Guilt- stop. Do your best, it's all you can do
H- Holidays & mini-breaks. Enjoy them without stressing about work
I- Individual- I am individual and people love me for it. I will not change for others
J- Jumpers. Stop living in DH's old fleeces!
K- Kind words only. No bullying or body-shaming
L- Love and laugh. Let it go!
M- Motivation- stick with it. Give up, give in or give everything
N- Nails. stop biting them and use hand cream at night
O- OK. It's fine not to be perfect all the time. See 'G'
P- Prenatal. Time to look after me, for future
Q- Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.
R- Run often. I can do it!
S- Sing lots, Stress less. It makes me happy
T- Trousers. Ditch the jeans once in a while.
U- Unrestrict- it only makes me feel deprived
V- Vent, when you need to
W- Weight. It does not define me
X- Kisses. Lots of them!
Y- Yoga and deep breathing- more practice
Z- Sleep well!

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