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Can anyone recreate this outfit for me or similar?

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GingerLemonTea Tue 26-Apr-16 13:25:40

I have black skinnies. I don't really want to use the app do if anyone's seen similar can they link?

nilbyname Tue 26-Apr-16 13:30:49

There are heaps of embroidered jackets on the high street- try Zara or river Isla d BD then you what a white she'll top. Later on some skinny bracelets, soft wavy hair. Job done.

nilbyname Tue 26-Apr-16 13:34:41


nilbyname Tue 26-Apr-16 13:36:15


nilbyname Tue 26-Apr-16 13:39:10

Another jacket

nilbyname Tue 26-Apr-16 13:40:55

So many typos!

Layer on some skinny braclettes, soft wavy hair.

Ankle boots or Nike air, or vans

ThinkPinkStink Tue 26-Apr-16 14:10:20

A similar-look jacket from Monsoon - not as boxy or structured, but a similar look:

ThinkPinkStink Tue 26-Apr-16 14:10:27,mon_1.5/9516801008

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