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Eye cream!

(4 Posts)
shovetheholly Mon 25-Apr-16 11:59:49

My skin is in decent nick, wrinkle-wise.... apart from my eyes which look like a million crows did a dance around them. I have slightly dryish skin, and I'm always giggling, which does not help.

What can I use so I look less wrinkly/more serious??

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Tue 26-Apr-16 09:10:41

I like the Neal's Yard frankincense stuff.

I feel less like Frankenstein's monster when I use it

burnishedsilver Tue 26-Apr-16 09:12:48

I like la roche posay redermic R eyes (used at night) and redermic c eyes (in the morning).

shovetheholly Tue 26-Apr-16 09:32:33

Thanks for the recs! Stupid question - how thickly do you put it on?

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