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Steala Sat 23-Apr-16 17:21:45

Hi all

I usually pay little attention to how I look. I don't wear make up and live in jeans and converse, have long un-Styled hair, bitten nails and get my brows threaded two or three times a year. I wouldn't say I'm especially unattractive but without a doubt I am unkempt. I'm normally happy this way but I have a reunification in two months and don't want to be the one letting the side down.

I won't be in jeans on the night (black tie so will have to do some much-hated shopping), so that will be an improvement and I will get my brows threaded, slap on some make up and visit the hairdresser. Is that enough or,with two months to plan, is there anything else I should do? I doubt I'll transform into someone immaculately groomed and I probably should have the confidence to let old friends take me as I come, but realistically, I am shy and quite insecure and want to wear a mask of polish and sophistication!

Any advice?

Thelovecats Sun 24-Apr-16 06:50:05

You could start a proper skincare regime now, and have a few manicures to improve your nails?
As for the hated shopping what about visiting a John Lewis personal shopper- it's a free service.
Hope you have a lovely time- I haven't decided if I'll be brave enough to go to a reunion at all!

Steala Sun 24-Apr-16 07:40:56

Thank you theliovecats. A JL personal shopper is a great idea! Any tips on a proper skincare regime?

Thelovecats Tue 26-Apr-16 05:42:29

Now I'm not so great on that myself! I'd have a search of the archives maybe.
When I do bother taking makeup off before bed I use superdrug hot cloth cleanser which is a great budget option. here

Steala Thu 28-Apr-16 06:56:15

Gosh, the skin care regimes in the archives make me feel very lazy and it is no wonder my skin is so dull. Will two months make a difference? I suppose it would for the rest of my life and there is life after reunion after all. Thanks for your help!

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