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Hair root colour

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SuperFlyHigh Sat 23-Apr-16 08:35:26

I've been to a stylist for years (she emigrated to Australia for 10 years and I was devastated!) who cuts and highlights my hair.

She's great very innovative and seems to get my colour. However at the sides it is a bit grey (not on top and not much) - previous hairdressers when I tell them always just brush more colour over those parts after the highlights and it doesn't grow out with a line or anything. I prefer it this way so I can put up my hair and not have grey bits at the sides.

However my hairstylist won't do this, she angled the highlights pointing down last time but you could still see it!

I'm now going to paint over it with root retouch but don't feel I should have to do this.

Also her colleague (she co-owns a salon) seems very good and a bit more experimental (he suggested I go for a rock chick look which I love) but my stylist used to be that way (experimental) but isn't so much now.

I've known her for 15 or so years and she really is or was the best stylist around and colour too, I don't want to leave and she's a mate too.

How do I broach the above with her? I'm not being unreasonable (wrong board!) or fussy am I??!!


Woodhill Sat 23-Apr-16 08:48:52

No not at all, the grey bits at the side are a nightmare and they need to be covered. I think you have to be assertive and tell her or could you try another salon?

SuperFlyHigh Sat 23-Apr-16 08:53:27

Thanks Woodhill some other salons I've tried before at first they don't get me but when I say you just need to paint over the sides after the foils then they're fine. Or they paint between them.

But this stylist is quite bossy and thinks she knows best.

I think I'll try one last time with her and if not, back to my trail of salons! I've had other salons ok but then they do highlights too blonde or blocky etc.

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