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what's good from Avon? anything?

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Itscurtainsforyou Fri 22-Apr-16 22:18:17

For the first time in years I've had the Avon catalogue through the door. Is there anything worth having in it?

swimster01 Fri 22-Apr-16 22:20:52

Definitely the eyeliners - Glimmerstick

AgathaMystery Sat 23-Apr-16 22:27:36

The primer. Also the new mascara they do... Super Shock Max - absolutely amazing.

Nettletheelf Sun 24-Apr-16 01:25:54

The eyeliners stay on well (super shock, I think they are called).

DoughNut12345 Sun 24-Apr-16 01:29:09

Glycerin handcream

Itscurtainsforyou Mon 25-Apr-16 00:06:28

Thanks all, I'm feeling tempted!
Agatha - which primer were you thinking of? I've found two.

MissBattleaxe Mon 25-Apr-16 10:50:18

The fragrances are good these days.

Tahitian Holiday smells like Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 9 not exactly like it, but near enough)
Avon Perceive Oasis is my current favourite. It smells a bit like Chloe and is really pretty and feminine. I get compliments on it.
Avon Far Away is a strong coconutty Vanilla ( not my cup of tea, but their Number One Bestseller)
Avon Cherish has a caramel note like La Vie est Belle.
They also do great purse sprays for £4, which is a good way of trying them out.

I also like their room spritzes, especially the Lavender and Chamomile and the Red Rose and Peach one. Some room sprays exacerbate my asthma but these are really good.

The Skin So Soft original is a dry oil spray that also, coincidentally acts as a Mozzie repellant.

The jewellery sets make pretty gifts for posting to people.

They do a lippie that lasts all day- can't remember the name, but you paint it on and there's a gloss in the eother end. It's very good and doesn't come off.

I love Avon and I'm not a rep or anything!

knowler Mon 25-Apr-16 11:47:27

Second the recommendation for eyeliners - glimmersticks and super shock both fab. Also their matt lipsticks - very cheap; you might need to reapply throughout the day but for the price they're brilliant and i'd rate them over mac.

Buzzardbird Mon 25-Apr-16 16:40:54

Eye creams are something I keep going back to as no-one else's (even premium) seem to get the same results. On last Avon thread though someone mentioned that Avon have started testing on animals again because of the Far East market, so you might want to check that out first?

XiCi Mon 25-Apr-16 17:00:00

Tahitian holiday perfume - lovely summery coconut smell

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