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Multi way dress (aka groupon made me do it)

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KanyesVest Fri 22-Apr-16 20:51:48

So I might have had a glass or two and clicked on one of those magical multi way dresses that will never fail to leave me undressed. Then it arrived. I have 30e boobs. I need a bra. Not a single of the multi ways seems to allow for a bra. I have to send it back, don't I? The colour is lovely though.

Tartyflette Fri 22-Apr-16 20:55:22

Not even a strapless bra? (One of those ones which clamp themselves to your skin both over and under the boob?)

DerelictMyBalls Fri 22-Apr-16 20:56:13

Let's have a look, then.

KanyesVest Fri 22-Apr-16 21:04:03

It's this kind of a thing except knee length.

Tarty, it's hard to avoid open sides when arranging the flappy lengths and I don't think those stick on cups are sufficient scaffolding.

Tartyflette Fri 22-Apr-16 23:40:33

Wow, I see what you mean. Lovely dresses but not exactly easy to wear for the generously enowed. (And I speak as a D cup woman)

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