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Flat shoes for a wedding?

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TychosNose Fri 22-Apr-16 18:44:15

I'm going to a vair posh wedding in June and the venue is an old castle with floors that need protecting from heals so it's either block heals or flats.

I know there are loads of block heals around but I'm not exactly alexa chung so I think I might not be able to get away with them without looking frumpy/clumpy.

I almost think flats might be more stylish. Maybe ballet pumps with sparkle or flat strappy sandals.

This is my dress. I'm significantly shorter than the woman in the photo so the dress comes to just below my knees. Other than that I look just as fabulous as she does in my dreams

What do you think?

Please offer suggestions for all accessories too. Colours and styles.

Also - I will be in sole charge of dcs 2 and 5 yo so need to be fairly practical. No pashminas.

Thank you oh stylish ones of mn.

TychosNose Fri 22-Apr-16 18:48:00

Heels obviously. I always make that mistake. How embarrassing!

TychosNose Sun 24-Apr-16 11:55:09

Hopeful bump

DelphiniumBlue Sun 24-Apr-16 12:00:10

Its alovely dress. Silver sparkly sandals or wedges would look lovely. Just bear in mind a castle in June could be quite chilly. So maybe something you could wear with very sheer tights.

Ememem84 Sun 24-Apr-16 12:02:01

I was going to suggest a wedge. Loads in dune at the moment. They also usually have some lovely sparkly flat sandals

TychosNose Sun 24-Apr-16 12:05:00

Thanks. Yes June will most probably be cold so I might need tights - good point.

I have a silver lurex cardi I might wear so sparkly silver shoes might be the way to go. Will check out dune.

TychosNose Sun 24-Apr-16 12:06:49

I've never found wedges to be very easy to walk in and they would need to have quite a wide heal iyswim so it doesn't mark the floor. Will have a look. I could do with the extra height tbh to help out my stumpy legs!

Floisme Sun 24-Apr-16 12:14:22

I'd wear it with pointy flats. I can't link at the moment but I've seen some lovely Carvella ones in silver in TK Maxx and Boden often do them too.

It's a really pretty dress and I actually think it will look better just below the knee. I'd keep accessories very simple so, as others have said, staying warm is the main consideration. A cardi needs to be the right length though because of the flounces.

Have a great time, it sounds fab!

TychosNose Sun 24-Apr-16 12:28:15

Thanks. will have a look at pointy flats.

My cardi is cropped. Finishes just at the waist. Do you think that'll be ok? I can't cover up my waist because I'm quite hippy (child-bearing not lentil weaving) so if I cover my waist I look bigger.

Floisme Sun 24-Apr-16 12:31:11

I think cropped will be perfect - it won't interfere with the flounces.

JamNan Sun 24-Apr-16 12:55:29

What about something like these from Banana Republic £75. BTW the dress is really beautiful.

silver shoes link here

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