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What shoes to wear with a boho floaty maxi dress - needs to be dressy….

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NotdeadyetBOING Fri 22-Apr-16 14:20:05

I am going to a black tie event quite soon and want to wear a rather fabulous maxi dress. Needs a low/lowish heel. Needs to be dressy enough for black tie so can't pair with flip flops rather than summer flower power feel. Mediterranean blue colours. Any ideas? Normal 'smart occasion' shoes look really wrong with it.

BobbiPins Fri 22-Apr-16 14:57:42

It's hard to tell without seeing the dress (I am imagining something like Roberto Cavalli style) but you probably need sandals rather than shoes. Maybe with a bit of a bling.

NotdeadyetBOING Sat 23-Apr-16 08:16:08

Agree sandals probably best. Am off on the hunt today. Dress is Italian fine knit (think Missoni).

SuperFlyHigh Sat 23-Apr-16 08:24:42

Sandals are nice you either need to decide if you want patent or nubuck etc open toed ones eg in nude or white and heel or not.

river island used to be great for this. Also try New Look.

Also any shoe lounges in dept stores Miss KG or more blingy ones. I will advise against (unless you really want them and will wear again) heeled diamanté Dune/KG etc as they're ridiculously expensive for what they are and I found I didn't wear them much.

This is when sales for these shoes are fab but wrong time of year I feel!

Wedges can also be a good idea, I have a great pair of I think Dune metallic thread wedges (closed toe) which look amazing and not bad to walk in either. Also check for shoes with decent heel, maybe kitten if you want to be comfy.

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