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Help needed quickly, I look so tired

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imblet Fri 22-Apr-16 10:44:35

I have just caught site of myself in a mirror at work and I look even more tired than I feel.
I am tired all of the time as I don't ever get enough sleep, I know my hair needs a cut and that will make a big difference but I am always in a rush in the morning and seem to have got out of the habit of making a real effort.
Quick tips please for how to look fresh, well groomed and presented with very little time.
I am 52 and used to be told I look great for my age but right now I look even older!

Nabootique Fri 22-Apr-16 10:47:55

What is it specifically that makes you feel like you look tired? Do you have dark circles or eye puffiness? Dull skin?

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Fri 22-Apr-16 10:48:56

What are your main concerns?

Skin looking dull? Some illuminator under or mixed with foundation.
Face falling a bit? REN tightening serum, that's not its real name, but it's easy to find.
Some light bright blusher high on the cheeks.
Easy on the eye make up.

Long term the Perricone diet might help.

Some supplements?
Sleep more if you can.

DianaT1969 Fri 22-Apr-16 11:16:01

I looked frazzeled and tired whilst caring for my ill parents and had botox to the forehead just before an event which made me look a lot better.
A got a hypnosis-type sleep CD to play as I fell asleep which also helped the insomnia.

Mac strobe highlighter is brilliant at brightening the skin and one tube lasts forever.

MamaAwayOnBusiness Fri 22-Apr-16 11:27:38

On tired days I use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm before putting on makeup, I don't know what it does but people always tell me how good I look on those days.

imblet Fri 22-Apr-16 12:14:19

Thank you ladies.
I have just booked for a hair cut and will do some shopping over the weekend.
Can you tell me more about the diet please?

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