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Can you find me a jacket/cover up and shoes?

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LadyCatEyes Wed 20-Apr-16 14:24:24

I am going to a wedding in a few weeks wearing this dress. I'm going to need some sort of jacket, as I don't think a wrap will go with the style of it? I'm 5ft2 and a 14,with big boobs and bum. I can't wear high heels but don't like kitten heels or flats because they make me look dumpy. Also not keen on shoulder pads in jackets! Budget as low as possible please, this is sort of an emergency outfit as the dress I had planned to wear is 3 sizes too big, I hadn't realised I had lost so much weight!

So if all that isn't too fussy I'd really appreciate someone helping me please! Thank you.

LadyCatEyes Wed 20-Apr-16 15:23:52

Oh and I can't wear a cardigan to a wedding can I? I don't like how blazers look on me but I think that will be my only choice.

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