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Looking for non wired bra that gives good shape on small bust

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bacon Wed 20-Apr-16 12:05:48

Ive given up again after endless fittings I come away with expensive bras that look and feel fantastic in the fitting room but after a couple of hours I cant stand the unnatural shape and pain of the wire on my ribs. Cannot stand lace chaffing my underarms either. I am constantly reverting back to the sloggi cropped top which is ok under casual stuff but my boobs - 38C (big back small boobs) boobs that point east and west and like spaniel ears with generous gap inbetween think its called separate boobs. I just dont get it I've had a few fittings and someone put me in 36 and I couldnt breath I felt sick. I seem to always revert back to 38 but its the wire shape that doesnt fit under my natural shape I must be an odd shape thats all I can say. I work outside all day so cant keep messing with the straps or moaning. So looking for nice classy plain bras please

WhereAreWeNow Wed 20-Apr-16 12:14:02

I'd definitely go for a fitting or check out the bra intervention threads on here as it sounds like you're in the wrong size.
I've recently discovered the Gossard Super Smooth non wired bras and they're amazing. More heavily padded than I'd like but really good support without wires.

bacon Wed 20-Apr-16 12:22:14

I dont want to waste anymore time have fittings. They all come up with the sameish size now and its the fact that they fit and look excellent in the fitting room and the lady tells me its perfect but after a few hours ripping the thing off.

Will try the Gossard - thanks

KatharinaRosalie Wed 20-Apr-16 12:28:09

can you check what your actual underbust measurement is?

And what brands of bras have you bought so far? Different brands have different wire shapes.

leedy Wed 20-Apr-16 12:47:58

I have east-west boobs as well - I have resigned myself to never having cleavage, given that nature has basically placed them in the position where a minimizer bra would put them - and v much like Cleo bras, some Freya styles (Patsy half cup, Lauren, some Decos), and a couple of Triumph ones. Also Calvin Klein do a "seductive comfort customized lift" bra that's very comfy and seems designed for widely-spaced boobs (I suspect it would be even comfier on me in a 30E but they don't do that size, and I'm ok in a 32DD which they do).

I wear underwires, though, so I'm not sure what their non-wired offerings are like. Freya have a non-wired Deco that might be worth a go.

bacon Wed 20-Apr-16 13:13:57

The usual, M&S, Triumph, Freya, Fantasie, Calvin etc

38C seems to look and fit really nice - gone back and for to M&S trying bigger cups but the cup is too big - 36 cripples me. my size is 36 under 40 over 38 under arm, very slopping shoulders. I would of thought the wire was really the same shape hence all women have different boobs and taking into account my boobs are facing outwards and pointy and have a good 3 finger gap then the wire shape starts and ends in the wrong place.

dementedpixie Wed 20-Apr-16 13:26:18

36D is what your measurements give. Different styles have different shapes and not all wires sit the same. You need one of the bra guru people to help with styles as I don't know the different shapes/styles.

leedy Wed 20-Apr-16 13:27:25

M&S are terrible for widely spaced or shallow boobs. I have yet to find a bra there that doesn't gape in the middle and dig in/give me quadraboob at the outer edge of the cup. Horrible.

And the wire is definitely not the same shape in different brands, some of them have a much wider/narrower curve than others. Ditto the amount of space between the cups.

amarmai Wed 20-Apr-16 13:32:27

Maidenform is well constructed and makes no wires.

bacon Wed 20-Apr-16 16:34:14

cant wear 36D. 36 is too tight - tried most brands and they dont fit they constrict me and it starts to sting then I feel sick. I took these bras and measured them with tape measure and 36 measured 34 so I believe in adding 2. I can wear 38C nearly but the wires make me feel uncomfortable and have to take them off.

In a decent brand a 36 won't measure 36 unstretched, but it will stretch to 36 (and normally a couple of inches beyond) - if you wear a bra that measure 36" unstretched then there will be no tension in it and it won't do anything. It also won't pull the wires in to place properly which will exacerbate the issues you have.

The Freya half cups (look at Patsy) are generally good for this sort of breast shapes, as are Curvy Kate half cups like the tease me. Both brands also have bands which are on the looser side.

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