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So, it's time to sort myself out.. starting with foundation. Tips and recommendation needed please.

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Niftynamechangerliveshere Tue 19-Apr-16 13:41:11

Lovely people of style and beauty, I need help. I love make up, before children I used to wear the Macs and the Ruby and Millie's of this world, the occasional Benefit, lots of good stuff.
Now, we're a lot poorer I need budget brands, supermarkets and superdrug academy feature heavily.

One thing I've never really worn is foundation. I've always just used concealer of BB/Cc cream. I used to mix light coverage foundation with moisturiser before such were available to buy.

My face skin is horrid though. I can't explain very well, but it's all blotchy. I'm got freckles, but not enough to look nice. I have broken veins and just horrid skin. It never used to be like this ( hence only the Bb cream etc)
My nose is constantly dry and peeling. I'm lucky I don't really have spots, just lots of uneven patches. I'm sure I even have age spots/sun damage. I'm 35 so it's possible.
I'm (dyed) dark blonde, I have blue/grey/greeny eyes.
Can anyone please please help? I've recently started upping my water intake plus the usual fruit and veg, eating well. It's early days though.

I want the flawless look I see on others. I've tried using a primer under Bb cream which helps but still it doesn't seem to sit right due to the patchiness.
I use a tea tree facial scrub and lacura (aldi) moisturiser. I don't really want too heavy a look. I more a wavy hair/ casual dressing type person.
I've included a picture. Ignore my eyebrows. I'm being threaded later!
Any advice/products ( cheap!) tips?
Thank you thanks

Nabootique Tue 19-Apr-16 13:45:02

For dry patches and uneven skin tone, you might be better off changing your skincare routine up a bit. Introduce a toner with glycolic acid, and possibly a vitamin C serum if you get on okay with the first bit. Having said that, I can't see anything on your skin that would need more than light coverage!

Niftynamechangerlivesherewit Tue 19-Apr-16 13:58:15

Thanks naboo. Any particular products you can recommend?

Nabootique Tue 19-Apr-16 14:07:03

For toner, try Nip+Fab Extreme Night pads (name is something like that!), which are 5% glycolic and very reasonably priced. A good vitamin C serum for the price is the Hylamide one. Sadly, I don't think Boots stock it, but you can order from a site like Look Fantastic and if you sign up they pretty much always have a discount code for 15 - 20% off.

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 19-Apr-16 14:07:17

I have similar skin, ie, prone to dryness - agree that skincare probably needs sorting first.

However foundation wise - I am loving at the moment. I apply it with either a wet beauty blender or a brush and that gives me a good finish.

Powder wise I either use hourglass or the new bobbi brown nude range is very good.

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 19-Apr-16 14:07:57


Niftynamechangerlivesherewit Tue 19-Apr-16 21:27:05

Brilliant. Thanks! I'm off to the shops later in the week. I'll keep my eyes open for the nip and thingy pads. ( sold in super drug I think).
That foundation looks amazing, but sadly about triple the price I can afford blush

LunarMoon Wed 20-Apr-16 22:14:06

Although you have asked for suggestions on budget products, when it comes to your skin, spend some money on some good products and they won't let you down! Dermalogica is a fantastic brand have a look here they are on the more expensive side but they actually do what they say they will do and you use so little at a time that they will last a long time. I would recommend a cleanser, exfoliant and toner. If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, the ultra calming range will work wonders. There is also an age smart range which has an amazing primer, I have used it on my mum (she's 60) and it looked fantastic! Again when it comes to foundation I find you need to spend money on it to get that 'flawless' look. Estée Lauder is my personal favourite, applied with a good flat end brush.

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Wed 20-Apr-16 22:22:34

My skin tone is a bit like you describe, OP - pale, red in places, and freckles.

I can't tolerate foundation. BB cream even is too much, I end up mixing with moisturiser to thin it out.

I've started using moisturiser with a hint of tanning to be less pale but still looked a bit shiny and uneven.

However, today my JML mineral magic arrived and ooooh it's amazing! It's given me that 'evened out, done but not too much' look I wanted. Much closer to flawless than ever before.

I put quite a lot on quite firmly, then swished my hands over my face to get rid of any excess 'dust' and it has looked good all day.

Have a look on YouTube for reviews. I really like it.

CoolToned Thu 21-Apr-16 00:55:57

Bourjois City Radiance. It's called foundation, but it's really just like a BB/CC cream. Very brightening!

AmberRose95 Thu 21-Apr-16 01:11:35

At the moment I'm really into contouring but if you haven't got time to do the whole shebang buy a foundation that's your skin colour and a cream or stick concealer considerably lighter than your skin tone apply your foundation all over as normal then apply the lighter concealer under eyes and down your nose just make sure it's blended . I personally love the Mo 7 highlighting stick as its really easy to use and makes you look awake you can wear it on top of your make up or without make just place on your cheekbones for a really healthy glow . Failing all that maybe use some fake tan as it covers imperfections and makes skin look healthy , Boots do a really good one its Dolan in a spray can which makes your skin look airbrushed dries in seconds no rubbing In needed . smile

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