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Post-natal wardrobe

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lalath Tue 19-Apr-16 10:45:32

So, I'm looking for some clothes that will see me through this summer, but that I (hopefully) won't need by next summer as by then I will have lost all the pregnancy weight wink

I live overseas, but would like to buy from an online UK company (ethg here is way too expensive for what I need, and I will get them delivered to a friend in the UK who will post them).

Ideally, I'd like to spend around 400 GBP for pretty much ethg. Also, where I live is extremely hot, so I'm looking for clothes that will keep the sun off me - long dresses, floaty trousers, that kind of thing.

Any suggestions for good websites? Would be great if I could get it all from one! I need about four months' worth of clothes that will keep the sun off me. I'm not looking for anything fancy or glamorous - just day-to-day wear is all I need this summer!

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