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Do you like this dress?

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ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 20:45:34

I saw it in Debenhams at the weekend on a mannequin and just can't decide if I like it or not. The fabric kind of looks like a waffle tea-towel which is clearly awful. And I'm not sure about the colour. But I still find myself strangely drawn to it!

MrsLeighHalfpenny Mon 18-Apr-16 20:49:29

No. Too orange and a bit frumpy.

Pumperthepumper Mon 18-Apr-16 20:52:24

No, it's awful. It's a boring shape that they've tried to make more interesting by making it a jazzy colour.

SuckingEggs Mon 18-Apr-16 20:56:48

Look in Whistles - lovely dress in similar colour with great cut.

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 20:57:19

Yes and no. Orange is great. The back is lovely. If you've got a bit of an edge to you / your look it could be fab. It could equally easily be frumpy.

Have you tried it on?

SirChenjin Mon 18-Apr-16 21:00:16

Yes I like the style - it's a fit and flare Audrey thing, isn't it? Don't like the colour at all though, and the shoes just look hideous with it.

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 21:02:38

this is nice

ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 21:27:47

No haven't tried it on, just saw it on our way whizzing through Debenhams to the car park. I looked it up on the website when we got home and have added it to my basket but am still hesitating.
I like bright colours so maybe that's dazzling me! That and the fact it's a decent length which is rare for dresses on me (I'm 5'11"). Will have a look at the other suggestions.

ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 21:28:51

I definitely don't have an edge sadly, would tend more towards the frump side of the scale. blush

ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 21:34:53

sucking I guess this is the whistles dress you meant? The problem is the length, the model is just a touch shorter than me and I'd like something below-the-knee.

ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 21:35:25

mrs lettuce, can't get the asos link to work?

SuckingEggs Mon 18-Apr-16 21:41:57

This one:

SuckingEggs Mon 18-Apr-16 21:42:22

Pricey though and maybe too dressy?

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 21:42:23

ASOS is being pants with links ATM. Was the 'Love Debutante Textured Prom Dress' but it's on rather than under the knee, I'm afraid.

ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 22:01:22

Lovely dress sucking but def too pricey! It's not for a particular occasion, just an out and about dress. I think I'll give the orange tea towel one a go, can always send it straight back!

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 22:03:23

yy try it. Who knows!

EatShitDerek Mon 18-Apr-16 22:04:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EatShitDerek Mon 18-Apr-16 22:05:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hownottofuckup Mon 18-Apr-16 22:06:37

I like it, I think it's the cut, it's quite clean and elegant. I like the colour, it stops it from being too 'dressy'
Glad you're going to order it, let us know what you think when it arrives!

ToastyMcToastface Mon 18-Apr-16 22:21:51

Yikes Derek I'd be showing my knickers and have my boobs hanging out in that one! I think my days of sexy side boob are well behind me <adjusts sturdy boulder holder>

Floisme Tue 19-Apr-16 07:13:37

I think it's a great colour - wish I could wear it. There's something about the cut that doesn't look quite right to me but I can't put my finger on what it is. It might just be too big on the model. Maybe try it with a proper belt instead of that silly tie thing?

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