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I need to dress down and class up a sequin dress! Can this be done?

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Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 19:20:19

Can you help me make this look toned down with the right shoes and jacket/coat/shrug for a ceremony part of a wedding please. If you think it's possible that is. The reception is at a wine bar and it's a late afternoon ceremony.

I'll post a pic.

Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 19:27:35

They are champagne satin sequins that have a much darker bronze rose gold underneath when brushed up. So the pic shows some reverse and in the other pic all laid flat.

Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 19:28:54

Please help if you can with suitable jackets or something or other?! confused

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 19:41:47

I really can't see the shape working with a jacket or wrap at all I'm afraid. You could try a body under it but I'm not convinced it'd work well.

What sort of budget did you have in mind for a jacket? We might be able to fix you up with an appropriate dress to go with accessories you have for the same price.

Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 19:55:12

I did wonder about something like a light chiffon under. I've looked at thousands of dresses online and ordered multiple. I'm now looking at what I have and if I can rework it. But I will look at anything. I need midi as I am 5'10 and won't go above the knee I'm size 10 and a bit pear. I suit warm colours.

If anyone has seen a jacket that could work so I just have the skirt showing at the ceremony I think I'd be set. I'm quite tired of shopping!

PreAdvent13610 Mon 18-Apr-16 20:21:38

This would give you a coat dress look.
Or a blazer always pares down a showy look and classes it up
Go khaki or taupe with the jacket and similar or nude with the shoes.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 18-Apr-16 20:26:09

Not sure.

The top of the dress will be tricky.

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 20:32:10

I've tried to find a jacket or body to link to, really I have but I'm getting nowhere. Most unusual. The photo of the dress is very small which make it harder! I'm not really even sure on the colour(s) TBH. There was this but I'm clutching at the wrong straws, I fear.

this is very simple but lovely. It's a proper midi though so too long? The model is the same height as you.

Pinkcadillac Mon 18-Apr-16 20:36:43

I'd go for Preadvent's blazer idea

everythingsgoingsouth Mon 18-Apr-16 20:45:13

what about a collar-less coat like this sort of thing? think anything with a collar will clash with the top bit of the dress?

PreAdvent13610 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:11:55

Changing my mind. this very utilitarian, mixed with fitted sequin pencil skirt (thats what the dress becomes when you cover the top). The jacket is structured enough to hold the frill down and will give a wow reveal for the evening. Not for everyone though. I might even go so far as ankle boots for day and change shoes for evening.

Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 21:28:53

Preadvent - wow you are one of the cool kids aren't you! I like it. I am possibly too old to pull that off but maybe not...I have something similar in the cupboard I could try and some shoeboots hmmmmm

Thanks so much one and all for trying to help me!

I like all the suggestions actually! It's great as I've had total shopping fatigue. My favourite is the jigsaw jacket but it's pricey for me.

The iris and ink dress is great too. But...The sequin dress looks great on me (ha!) the fit at the colour I mean. It also looks really expensive in real life (it was £27.50!) I feel I would like to wear it if I can be comfortable for the ceremony.

I'll try to link the dress better in case someone else wants to have a try I so appreciate this thank you!!

Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 21:33:02

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 21:37:30

Oh, that's 1000x easier!


Lelivre Mon 18-Apr-16 21:46:20

Ooooooh it could be the right tone!

Lelivre Tue 19-Apr-16 10:23:20

I've since thought the lame in that jacket is too blingy still will not tone it down enough. Great suggestion tho!

amarmai Tue 19-Apr-16 13:46:29

no pics but try a soft leather/suede jacket.

Lelivre Fri 22-Apr-16 14:49:24

Preadvent after trying some different things at home I'm going with your idea. I think I can get away with it and it will be a cool way of dressing down rather than a shy and ashamed of the flashiness way!

Any shoe suggestions please advise. I have a boxy jacket in a lizard greeny browny grey colour with elbow length sleeves that looks OK if I can figure out other accessories.

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