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Shorts terror - my legs are suddenly old this year

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ididntsignupforthis1 Mon 18-Apr-16 16:05:26

I tried a skirt on that's over the knee thinking in terms of sandals
I saw a pair of legs which arent large but is lumpy and wobbly in an old way (hell how did that happen?)
I look fine in tights but bare...
What do I do when I would previously whacked on a pair of shorts - is there a way to hide it?
Other clothes I should now favour?
I'm very sad...

carrie74 Mon 18-Apr-16 16:34:43

Well I always think lumpy legs look better with a tan, but you could also body brush/drink loads of water/squat and lunge? Might help?

If you want something to keep you cool, floaty skirts may be the answer? But if abroad I'd just wear whatever makes you comfortable (and for me that would be shorts).

RoganJosh Mon 18-Apr-16 16:36:26

Were you looking down or in a mirror? Bumps are worse when you look down on them and also in overhead lighting rather than daylight.

rightknockered Mon 18-Apr-16 16:38:33

Men walk around with the ugliest legs, and we women worry about a few bumps...
I bet your legs look fine

ididntsignupforthis1 Mon 18-Apr-16 16:39:19

It was in a shop changing room!
So maybe not too bad
I would 100% do shorts abroad
Maybe we'll get a rubbish summer?!

KP86 Mon 18-Apr-16 16:48:35

Nobody will be looking at your legs thinking bad things. Even if they do, stuff them! Wear what you like, what is comfortable and cool for the summer.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 18-Apr-16 17:00:32

Bet they are fine. If you are really bothered, you could do the 30 day Shred - I'm on pre-holiday exercise kick and I swear, after 4 days of it my thighs look smoother. But I don't think you have to!

Floisme Mon 18-Apr-16 17:02:38

I don't ever wear above the knee any more, not even with opaques. I would never tell anyone else what to wear but I know my knees and thighs are past their best and even though I'm sure no-ones looking, I am frankly, very vain and shallow so I choose to cover them.

But I can't say I find it a great hardship. It's not as if I live on the Med and besides when it is hot, I feel cooler covered up.

ididntsignupforthis1 Mon 18-Apr-16 17:11:35

I agree they aren't awful but when they look decent in tights then I am vain about baring!
Agree Floisme

Eliza22 Mon 18-Apr-16 20:02:41

Hi. Can I join. I feel physically sick at what's happened to my body. I'm 54 so, menopausal. I always felt I was "getting away with" the ageing think quite well. All of a sudden, seemingly overnight, my shape/skin has changed. It's sagging and lumpy and just plain .... old in a way I hadn't expected. DH wants to do a beach holiday this year. Just a week. We usually do site seeing so, day clothes, nice Italian bars/restaurants for lunch then a dress for dinner. The thought that I might have to strip off to effectively my underwear makes me not want to go. I KNOW that's ridiculous. But OP, I get exactly where you're coming from.

I guess the advice is to do some exercise, skin brushing, some self tan and clothes that fit, as oppose to squeezing into stuff is the answer.

IWantToLiveInPawnee Mon 18-Apr-16 21:47:04

Ive been bitten on the bum (and legs) by the cellulite/wobbly pixie.

Had good legs up until last year, when I was appalled to see the back of my thighs in a mirror in harsh light.

I own tonnes of short shorts and and live in these during summer, dressed up or down. I am gutted that they're at the bottom of a drawer now.

I am trying to up the exercise and I do combination of body brushing, lots of walking, water and Pilates.

That regime does work, and as suggested up thread, fake tan (a light one) really detracts from the wobble.

Good luck.

Floisme Tue 19-Apr-16 07:04:48

I'm not any doing special exercises - life's too short. And when I'm on the beach, the world has to put up - I'm never going to see them again.

The rest of the time I'll probably just stick to a few simple looks:
Shirt-dress kind of thing over skinny, cotton trousers (not tunics - I don't like mid- thigh length)
Or midi skirt with long sleeve T.
Or crop wide leg trousers with fitted shirt.

Not very exciting but it's only for a few weeks. What do other people wear?

Snog Tue 19-Apr-16 08:03:15

I am embracing my new body (which is my formerly young shapely body now overweight and ok yes lumpy) and after years of covering it up, this year I am going back to wearing shorts and bikinis and really looking forward to it!
I think I have more self acceptance which is a happy place. I have realised though that I need properly supportive bra sized swimwear and my shorts will be two inches longer than my 20s super short ones.

ItGoesWithoutSaying Tue 19-Apr-16 08:54:06

I doubt your legs are as bad as you think. Sometimes I think my legs look wobbly and cellulite-y, other times I think they look fine. I think lighting, angle of view, time of the month can all make a difference.

I usually try to wear shorts with lots of fake tan and confidence. No one points and laughs.

Floisme Tue 19-Apr-16 18:25:12

I'm sure no-one's looking and I'm at peace with my body. Nevertheless I like to wear clothes that are flattering and I look better with knees and thighs (and while I'm here, upper arms) covered.

It's also about comfort and health. I burn very easily so I have to be careful and I just don't enjoy feeling like I'm on a barbecue.

I don't think this is necessarily about the beach either - though sorry if I've got that wrong, op. I thought we were just talking about everyday, summer clothes that cover up but are also reasonably stylish.

BabyGanoush Tue 19-Apr-16 18:33:03

I am 44, and a year ago my legs were suddenly just "past it"

Saggy wrinkly knees, and lumpy thighs.

I exercise a fair bit, bmi of 23 so not too fat (IMO)

It is saddening. In a vain self indulgent way. But still.


BringMeTea Tue 19-Apr-16 20:36:26

I hear you sister. It does seem to happen literally over night. Sigh. Must do more pilates... Not gonna stop getting them out though. Life's too short(s)...

DerelictMyBalls Tue 19-Apr-16 20:40:06

Wear your shorts, girl. Hold your head high.

Snog Sat 23-Apr-16 09:55:56

Confidence and a friendly smile are what look good more than the stylishness of your clothes imo.

MiracletoCome Sat 23-Apr-16 10:33:26

I am in my late 50s and my legs have gone a bit saggy and lumpy even though I am fairly slim, the most flattering thing I bought last year was knee length denim shorts from Next, worn with flat sandals. I was surprised how nice they looked for casual wear in the summer.

EllenDegenerate Sat 23-Apr-16 10:33:52

May I suggest the Sally Hansen airbrush legs, the lotion one which is like body make up?

I don't bare my legs without a light layer of this stuff. It makes your legs perfect.

Agree that life is too short to cover up. Dove firming body lotion applied before the Sally Hansen enhances the whole effect.

judgelionelnutmeg Sat 23-Apr-16 12:25:04

I have fat thighs and knees so wear the longer Bermuda style shorts as these tend to cover the offending areas! Gap have Bermuda shorts in at the moment in regular and tall lengths.

allegretto Sat 23-Apr-16 13:56:56

I have always had lumpy legs and now they also have varicose veins. I don't think even fake tan can save them!

BabyGanoush Sun 24-Apr-16 07:37:53

The Sally Hansen stuff....won't I end up staining the furniture?! Cannot quite picture putting make up on my legs shock

EllenDegenerate Sun 24-Apr-16 08:14:46

No it won't, I promise.
Once it's on you have to wash it off with soap//shower gel.
Even if you are caught in the rain it won't budge. Once it's set, as in dry it's pretty immovable

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