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20 denier tights - yes or no

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nuggles Mon 18-Apr-16 15:41:30

Need some advice! I'm 5 months pregnant and have an important show at work this week so need to look decent and not pregnancy exhausted!

I'm only 5ft and shape has changed -2nd pregnancy so nothing I have really fits comfortably. Was thinking of a skirt (above knees) with 20 denier tights. Is this a bad move you reckon? The show is in the creative industry where image is first. Eek!

DontKillMyVibe Mon 18-Apr-16 19:05:03

What colour tights?

nuggles Mon 18-Apr-16 21:28:02

Was thinking sheer black ones, have trouble finding nude ones close to my skin colour - think olive skin

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Apr-16 23:04:22

40 denier would be better, I'd say.

MotherBluestocking Mon 18-Apr-16 23:05:45

Agree with MrsLettuce.

nuggles Tue 19-Apr-16 08:11:38

Great, thanks!

Believeitornot Tue 19-Apr-16 08:51:54

Why not some smart trousers instead? With a nice crisp shirt

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