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What would you recommend from Benefit?

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longdiling Mon 18-Apr-16 13:52:41

I've got given some Benefit make up for my birthday and I really like it! I have the Are they Real mascara, an eyeshadow pallet and some highlighter. Oh and some hydro-smooth lip colour. When I was bemoaning to my sister that I often find it difficult to get any attention from the people working on beauty counters she said that she always found the ladies on my local Benefit counter really nice and very helpful.

SO, I'm going to pay them a visit. Are they any go to Benefit products I should look at?

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 18-Apr-16 14:31:56

I love their blushers - Rockateur and Coralista are lovely. Hoola is a great bronzer. They've got a new palette out now with 5 full size blushers which is a great price.

The other stuff I like, but I'm not in love with. I enjoy the kitschy packaging.

biscuitkumquat Mon 18-Apr-16 14:34:57

I'd second Coralista & Hoola. Also their Porefessional (if you use a primer)

hollieberrie Mon 18-Apr-16 14:36:15

I'm going this afternoon to buy Gimme Brow after seeing it recommended a lot on the eyebrow thread.
I have their Erase paste concealer but I don't really like it much - too sticky.

LilyTP Mon 18-Apr-16 14:40:57

I like Highbeam (highlighter) and Benetint (liquid blusher - though you need to moisturise well to stop it looking a bit patchy).

I also find Big Beautiful Eyes really good as a make-up bag staple - it gives a really polished finish (I've rarely used the concealer in there, but I use the other colours, including using the darker brown to fill in my slightly patchy brows).

I second biscuit on her love of their powder blushers - I'm quite fair and I use Dandelion pink.

HildurOdegard Mon 18-Apr-16 15:25:15

Another fan of Dandelion here - I'm very pale and Dandelion gives me blush without making me look like "Aunt Sally".

I like their cover-ups, erase paste and boing. Couldn't get on with the foundation as I found the shades too limited, although tbf I tried the palest in summer and it might work for my winter skin.

Donge13 Mon 18-Apr-16 17:59:22

Hoola. I love it

AmserGwin Mon 18-Apr-16 18:00:56

Brow zings

1wokeuplikethis Mon 18-Apr-16 18:03:31

Another fan of rokateur blusher here. I love their highlighters, particularly Watts Up.
Eyebrow pencils are nice & creamy on & look matte afterwards but really don't last long.

Big Beautiful Eyes is a cracking go-to eyeshadow palette and their eye shadows are really pigmented and last ages. The crease free ones actually do not crease, hurrah!

Nectarines Mon 18-Apr-16 18:04:11

Dandelion is brilliant for pale skin like mine. The matching lip gloss is lovely too

BubsAndMoo Mon 18-Apr-16 19:30:17

I'm currently loving the Air Patrol eye primer, although the packaging is a bit of a faff. Supposed to be a gel/sponge applicator but its really not very useful and I end up applying with fingertips anyway so resent that I am paying for fancy packaging that is unnecessary! The product itself is ace though.

I'm a fan of Rockateur and Sugarblush blushers, erase paste, lemon aid, and the they're real mascaras (keep both black and brown at all times, blue is on my wants list). I did like Porefessional initially but I have very combination skin and it wasn't great on my drier areas, but a good instant smoother/mattifier for normal/oily skin.

longdiling Mon 18-Apr-16 20:13:13

Oh brilliant, thanks all! Loads to try out. Thank goodness I have some birthday money!

Equiem89 Mon 18-Apr-16 20:15:58

I use dandelion and browzings every day. For going out I use either girl meets pearl or watts up, think I prefer watts up. Hoola is the best bronzer out there!

IwannabeKate Mon 18-Apr-16 20:21:07

Another huge fan of Big Beautiful Eyes here, wouldn't be without it.

EekAWoodlouse Mon 18-Apr-16 20:21:49

Another vote for Hoola but I use my own kabuki brush, can't get on with the daft angular one that comes with it.

And I have my brows done at the Benefit brow bar. The woman who usually does them is indeed very nice.

TheEmperorNotTheSalad Mon 18-Apr-16 20:35:23

Watts Up. Amaaaaaaazing.

Scoopmuckdizzy Mon 18-Apr-16 20:35:23

I love dandelion - It gives a lovely subtle glow.

lonelymum72 Mon 18-Apr-16 20:39:42

Shybeam, a Matt highlighter for the daytime. High beam for evening. Love porefessional too. Love most benefit products thinking about it...grin

Nabootique Mon 18-Apr-16 20:44:11

High Beam, Dandelion, Benetint. Don't let them do a make over or you'll end up orange. Happened to me twice.

Woodhill Mon 18-Apr-16 21:54:13

They're real mascara is good imo

bloodynoris Mon 18-Apr-16 21:55:44

I love the sun beam. Looks lovely in the summer when I have a bit of a tan.

NantucketNightbird Mon 18-Apr-16 22:10:49

They're real mascara, ooh la lift, gimme brow smile

Fozzleyplum Mon 18-Apr-16 22:17:36

The box blushers/bronzers are really excellent. I use Rockateur because it looks very natural on medium to dark skin -sort of between a blusher and a bronzer. The Benefit blushers have just the right level of pigment.

JasperDamerel Mon 18-Apr-16 22:22:03

I'm another pake person who loved Dandelion. I get the little kit which has dandelion, lip gloss, high beam and a pink lip/cheek stain.

I also love the chubby pencil In a sort of pale lilac/white colour that you put in the inner corners of your eyes and it hides the dark shadows.

Fozzleyplum Mon 18-Apr-16 22:30:53

When I went to buy my last blusher, the assistant whisked a big brush with some sort of neutral powder over my face before applying the blusher. I have no idea what it was, but it didn't feel dry on my skin and I have never looked so flawless (am not great at makeup). I would love to know what it was as I'm very tempted to go back and get some.

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