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Paul Mitchell awapuhi shamp

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Indecisivejo Sun 17-Apr-16 19:45:19

Yay or nay??

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 17-Apr-16 20:02:20

I used to use PM years ago ( Awapuhi is derived from a catcus or something? ) and The Conditioner, when I had a perm, used it as a leave in.

I bought a bottle of PM in a discount store but it smelled 'off' (I know, seemed like a bargain, not a bargain).

I might buy some next time I get my hair cut, the small bottles are good for travel.

midnightmoomoo Sun 17-Apr-16 20:50:01

I've used this before and loved it. The small bottles are a good way of trying it.

hecallsmebunny Sun 17-Apr-16 20:56:22

I used to use it until recently with the detangler conditioner and found them great. Always getting compliments on the condition of my hair! Switched to natural products since but would definitely recommend. I used to buy the 1l bottles online and they lasted ages

NoelHeadbands Sun 17-Apr-16 21:00:56

I've been using PM The Original awapuhi shampoo since the 90's (how long?!) , it's my absolute fave.

And I don't use conditioner shock

Indecisivejo Sun 17-Apr-16 21:05:18

Oh dear I'm gonna have to order!! Found a litre bottle online for £18!!

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