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ash Virgo trainers

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howiloveanicecupoftea Sun 17-Apr-16 17:06:05

I am desperate to find somewhere still selling these, does anyone know? Or know of any similar alternatives ? Thank you smile

louloubelle2 Sun 17-Apr-16 18:04:26

erm, Google? They seem to be everywhere depending on size and colour preference of course, which you haven't specified here so we can't help with that.

Not exactly hard to find or am I missing something?

howiloveanicecupoftea Sun 17-Apr-16 19:14:25

Did you just respond to be rude?

balkanscot Sun 17-Apr-16 19:35:31

Hush has got them - not sure if you want these or the high top ones?

I had a brown pair once - my mum scrubbed the edge of the white front clean as she thought they were filthy - she even reprimanded me for wearing 'dusty trainers'. blush

howiloveanicecupoftea Mon 18-Apr-16 14:26:44

Thanks balkanscot, Yep I can find them in gold but I was hoping for any of their other colours really- black, taupe, silver or khaki and I can't find those in a size 8. They seem to have sold out of all large sizes but the smaller sizes seem available most places...

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