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Long hair cut

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rightknockered Sun 17-Apr-16 10:05:20

If I have longish hair, nearly bra length at the back, what should I ask my hairdresser for?
I haven't been for 8 months. This is largely down to the fact that whenever I go, whichever hairdresser I try insists on putting layers in it. The last time I was talked into getting a fringe, which has now grown out to chin length.
I like my hair as it looks now. It's more or less one length, has a wave in it and if I leave it to dry naturally it looks quite good.
I don't really want it to change drastically, I just want it to look a little neater.

rightknockered Sun 17-Apr-16 10:05:49

It's bra strap length, obviously not bra length

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